Japan’s drip, drip, drip…

Remember the Fukushima Meltdown of 2011 (Wiki)?
It has been more than three years since the disaster and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is still drip, drip, dripping…


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Welcome to my nightmare…Japan

Here’s my nightmare commute on the Wangan Highway* in the Keihin District of the Tokyo-Yokohama industrial megalopolis.

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The Kraken Arises in Tokyo Bay!

One of the Cute Cthulhu Cohort has appeared in Tokyo Bay!


big little squid in tokyo bay
quoter leftPh’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!!quoter right

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firefly-squid on beach

TEPCO prepares for cherry blossom viewing

white space is good for the soul tepco-hanami
sidebar spacer-QUOTEr graphic TEPCO Workers Hold Training for 2014 Hanami Matsuri
pic.twitter.com/M93E0p1laT — Shogannai (@Shogannai)’s twitter

funny-fuck-tepco-150x mickey mouse nuke plants of tepco
3Yen / 2012-01-26
: ‘TEPCO’: the definition of evil and stupid

Pikachu protests the continuing Fukushima nuclear fcukup in central London

As you can see in the photo below, even Pikachu (L) as well as Shinto’s trickster fox spirit, Kitsune/ (R), are protesting the continuing Fukushima nuclear fcukup in central London.


London Evening Standard | 15 March 2014
Dozens of people protested in central London against nuclear power today following the third anniversary of the Fukushima disaster in Japan protesters gathered at Hyde Park Corner before marching past the Japanese Embassy and one of the buildings housing the Tokyo Electric Companymore

3/11 … never forget

Today is the third anniversary of Japan’s Great Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Meltdown

sidebar-quote long

Japan is still — and will long be — a country of ghosts and of gods

–Pico Iyer | huffingtonpost.com :
Three Years After The Japanese Tsunami: The Winds Of Changelessness 

3-years-fukushima14:46 pic.twitter.com/GClXfXpnbx— 281_AntiNuke (@281_) March 11, 2014

TEPCO’s Valentine for Japan

It has been almost three years since the Great Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear Meltdown of “3/11″ (Wiki), but TEPCO’s Fukushima Power Plant is still sending us the same damn Valentine year after year, meh.

TEPCO-meltdown-Valentinepic.twitter.com/NaN4qxJAGn— 281_AntiNuke (@281_) February 14, 2014

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Japanese ‘facials’ for everybody at Osaka station

I would love to see how this new facial ID system handles all the outliers* such as the 10-to-20% of the Japanese population who wear surgical masks during both the winter flu season and the 4-to-6 month long pollen season.

Facial ID tech to be set at Osaka station
The Yomiuri Shimbun | January 30, 2014
The station, which serves 820,000 passengers per day, is scheduled to be the stage of an unusually large study on tracking location data using facial-recognition technology
Each camera is to photograph people’s faces within a three-square-meter area, and assign each face an ID based on its characteristics.
When a person is recognized by another camera, the time and location will be recorded. Each person’s behavior will then be tracked for one weekmore...

Outliers ”Я” Us : I am one of these outliers for facial recognition. Whenever I go to work at the Japanese R&D center of Toshiba and I try to walking in on crutches wearing a hoodie, their automatic entry authorization camera system fails to recognize my face or that I’m a human.
WARNING, WARNING: Quadruped alien identified.
quadruped alien indentified

I know, I know…Cool story, bro.(meme)


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Ho, ho, ho! Japan’s Prime Minister ‘Santa’ Abe brings gifts

Ho, ho, ho! Abe Santa brings inflationary* gifts for everyone!

サンタクロースは / 資本主義の手下 / で、あってほしくないね。
281_AntiNuke (@281_)’s twitter Dec. 24, 2013

*PM Abe’s glow-in-the-dark gifts are intended to be “inflationary” as it is the stated policy of “Abenomics” (Wiki) to jumpstart the Japanese economy by increasing government spending for the military and for public works such as fixing TEPCO Corporation’s nuclear plant meltdown in Fukushima.

Cute Cthulhu–‘Araippe’–the newest mascot for Japan’s radioactive coast

Cute Cthulhu has a brand-new name and a fun new gig in Japan!

Loose character/floppy mascot*Araippe
araippe mascot

Oarai city in Ibaraki Prefecture has a problem. The city is down the coast (Google Maps)) from the continuing Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster. Needless to say tourism is way, waaaay down in Oarai, and they are hoping their new mascot “Araippe” will boost the number of visitors to the area.
According to various Japanese press releases such as the Asahi Shimbun (2013 Oct. 17–Google Translate), their new mascot “Araippe” is made up of the local seafood specialties. As shown below, Araippe’s “charm point” is his coat of whitebait (one of my favorite Japanese delicacies) that hangs his body like hair. Araippe’s mouth is a clam another local delicacy, and his tail is a clam rake.

Araippe in profile

Araippe is further described as a vivacious boy who loves fireworks, and who shakes around all the time as he is so happy.
However, Japanese social media is not so positive about Araippe. The reaction on Twitter Japan is that Araippe looks like a “mass of tentacles” or “Medusa” and is “creepy” and “gross.” Even the mayor of Oarai city said that Araippe, “looks like an old mop.”

is the immature fry of fish that are 25 and 35 millimeters long. In the market here Japan, I buy trays (see left) of whitebait called “Shirasu” for a reasonable price, 300 to 500 yen–about $3 to 5 USD. Typically Shirasu/whitebait is blanched in salt water and served on top of rice as shown below. (Wiki)