Japan’s noise tribe — the ‘Bosozoku’

The dying bosozoku subculture still managed to organize a noisy run to greet the first sunrise of 2015 on New Years Day. The video below shows the so-called “violent running tribes*” of custom car and motorcycle gangs on Highway 20 coming out of Yokohama.

* bosozoku (暴走族), literally the “running-out-of-control
(as of a vehicle) tribe” motorcycle and car customizing,
often illegal, and making lots of noise (Wiki).

Here’s another video of different bosozoku group’s New Years run on Route 134 leaving Enoshima Aquarium and heading to Utsunomiya.

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Japan Railways Kyushu to make stations staffless

jrJapan Railways (JR) Kyushu operating in the most southwesterly of Japan’s four main islands is suffering from depopulation and stagnation, which has resulted in drastic economic measures such as…

left_long quotebar 24x260pxJR Kyushu to make stations staffless
The Tokyo Reporter | January 18, 2015 — JR Kyushu will by 2016 operate its 100 biggest stations without any staff. The company, which plans to go public next year, is looking for ways to cut costs and improve efficiency. The first 50 or so stations will go staffless this spring{big snip}So without staff, what happens to stations? One has solved the problem by making a goat stationmaster. Full story…

yagi ekicho by breakingjp3


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A Tokyo university lives up to its logo

A Tokyo university lives up to its limp dick logo and maybe its motto*.

taisho universityducky_schooll

The rest-of-the-story…nude-textMore


*quoter leftFEEL and GROWquoter right


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Coming of Age Day 2015, Japan

Today is the national holiday, Seijin-no-hi, Japan’s Coming-of-Age Day (Wiki) when anyone turning 20 years old in the year celebrates by dressing up in fancy kimono and attending boring Age of Majority ceremonies.
The newly minted adults below have decided to label their VIP car windshield “ADULT” ( 成人) misspelled.

coming-of-age-1kami~i 成人式でゴミがおった pic.twitter.com/YFTaPG76dP — かーみぃ (@CARMMY00) January 11, 2015japanese adult misspelled oops

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WTF fatwa against Kobe beef?

A beef beef — A bunch of bull ’bout beer ‘n’ beef

fatwaa-kobe-beefYoga, Petting Puppies, Halloween: Banned By Malaysia’s Muslim Clerics
NPR | 2015/01/05
Malaysia modernizes, its state-backed religious authorities are embarking on a spree of fatwas. Each is a decree based on interpretations of the Quran. The fatwas are typically seen as guidelines, but police can potentially enforce them under Malaysia’s Sharia laws
Wagyu beef — Originating in Japan, this legendarily succulent form of beef is sometimes produced by massaging cows. These lucky cows are also occasionally fed beer and therefore forbidden.

The odd thing is that it’s NATURAL for livestock to get drunk.
Back home on the ranch in the late fall, well always let the cows graze under the apple trees after harvest. The old windfall apples ferment and of my cows would get loopy on natural cider. The cows just get more mellow after foraging on boozy cider-y apples and that made for succulent beef. It’s all perfectly natural and organic way to raise livestock, and no reason to have fatwa against Kobe beef.

Japanese Seasons Greetings at 120 decibels!

Japanese, right-wing, neo-nazi soundtrucks are driving by blasting at 120 decibels said-openSeasons Greetingssaid-closed of warmth and joy wishing all foreigners to enjoy the Holidays at home (leave Japan).


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The myth of ‘safe’ Japan in Tokyo funtown, Roppongi

Yakuza clubs and the Nigerians working this spiked-drink scam have been doing this for decades in so-called “safe” Japan. The Japanese police in Tokyo’s Roppongi district are often the ones who drag/dump/dispose of the drugged victims for the gangs.

U.S. Embassy in Tokyo issues "drink spiking" warning for Roppongi, Kabukicho
The Tokyo Reporter | 2014nov25
The warning also indicated that U.S. citizens have said they have been threatened with violence, including the brandishing of guns, or "beaten when they have refused to pay or hand over money."
News reports in February indicated that club Tunnel in Roppongi was the scene of successive incidents in which customers have been confined until they pay large sums of money.

Nigerians: They’ll ruin your life by NateVenture, on Flickr

American Citizen Services | Embassy of the United States Tokyo, Japan | November 25, 2014

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Drink Spiking in Roppongi
As reported in the crime section of our Country Specific Information for Japan, the Embassy continues to receive reports of drink spiking incidents in Tokyo’s Roppongi district, particularly near the Roppongi Crossing area.
We remind U.S. citizens to exercise caution and maintain security awareness in entertainment districts like Roppongi and Shinjuku’s Kabuki-cho, as drink spiking incidents over the years have routinely led to robbery and occasionally resulted in physical and sexual assaults. In most drink-spiking reports, the victim unknowingly drinks a beverage that has been mixed with a drug, rendering the victim unconscious or dazed for several hours, during which time the victim’s credit card is stolen or used for large purchases. Some victims regain consciousness in the bar or club; other victims may awaken on the street or in other unknown locations.
U.S. citizens have also reported being charged exorbitant bar tabs in some bars and clubs in Roppongi, Kabuki-cho, and other entertainment and nightlife districts. Although firearms and brandishing knives in public are illegal in Japan, U.S. citizens have reported being threatened with gun or knife violence in such venues to pay bar tabs or withdraw money. U.S. citizens have also reported being beaten when they have refused to pay or hand over money.

I-sit-and-pee, I’m Japanese — the neverending story


left_long quotebar 24x260px
Japanese men who “sit down to urinate” increases to 36%! web-r25-logo
Yahoo News Japan / 2014.11.06
(goofy Google Translate)
—Japanese’s men opinions about urination at home in the toilet (study by TOTO, 500 adult men, ages 20-60)—

The investigation of the Japanese mens’ attitude about urination at home toilet.
Survey of Japanese homes with Western-style toilets, the “sit down to relieve oneself” faction has increased 36.1% from the last study in 2012 [33% sitters]…


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