Many young Japanese think love stinks

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Poll: 37.6% of single young Japanese don’t want romantic partners
The Asahi Shimbun | July 10, 2015
Nearly half of unattached young Japanese are not seeking romantic partners because the effort is “troublesome,” a government survey showed37.6 percent of the 761 respondents in their 20s and 30s who were not in a relationship said they do not want a romantic partner. Among them, 46.2 percent cited “troublesome” as the reason, followed by 45.1 percent who said they want to “focus on hobbies”continues
Increasingly, the typical Japanese solution to such “troublesome” romance is shown by Marica Hase (まりか) and her "hobby"–a Sybian FcukingMachine* (obviously a ÑṠFW link ). marica-hase_machine-love_x350

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Bolly violence in Japan

Here in Tokyo we are in the throes of the fifth season of Japan’s venerated Four Seasons*: the Rainy Season.
And with the rainy season comes a billion brollies bringing on bashes‘n’clashes like the following report.

brolly-fightersleft_super long-quotebar 24x360Man in coma after being hit in eye by umbrella in fight with colleague
JAPAN TODAY | 2015-June-28

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Japan’s government to fill centenarians’ silver cups with hemlock

silver-cup-for-hemlock The (2015-June-23, in Japanese) is reporting that the:

left_quoter_14x24100-year-old Silver Cup is a tax waste.right_quoter_13x24 Outside business experts have recommended they stop giving away silver cups to Japanese celebrating their 100th birthday.
In a review of excessive government spending, business experts have recommended to the Ministry of Health that such expenditures for elderly be curtailed.
In the 2014 fiscal year 31,500 cups had to be prepared each costing about 8,000 yen ($69 USD) per person for a total budget of 298 million yen ($226,391 USD).

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Happy Helmets for sadsack salarymen

I stumbled across these happy helmets, dubbed the Mask of Soul, that the Japanese designer Tomomi Sayuda created to help relieve stress of office workers.


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Let’s Super Cool Biz!

“Cool Biz” is a campaign of the Japanese Ministry of the Environment to promote a “liberal” summer dress code to reduce electricity consumption needed for air conditioning (Wiki).

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June is ‘Go Away Gaijin’ month

June is: get rid of illegal foreign workers month in Japan.″ –@devintstewartwlecom-to-japan

This a banner hanging in Tokyo’s Shinagawa Station reminding foreigners of Yokoso/welcome on their way to the Shinagawa Immigration Center Japan’s largest alien processing center.

Yokoso” means welcome.
Yokoso Japan means Welcome to Japan

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Mo’ military “moe”

The mysterious Japanese concept of ‘moe’—the pseudo-romanic devotion to manga and anime girls (Wiki)–has gained more mystery military-wise with these recruiting posters popping up in Chiba just west of Tokyo.
we want you
The wisdom of appealing to wimpy otaku/nerd market would seem counterproductive to Japan’s military needs

Prior Art?


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The prison is ‘Mine’…complete with an idol group, M-girls

The prison is ‘Mine’…complete with the ‘M-girls’ J-pop idol group of guards.

Mulboyne goes on to say:
left_super long-quotebar 24x360The idea is to help guards cope with pressure. Thirty percent of the women quit the job in under 3 years, twice the rate of male guards. (
Mine Prison is an odd place. It’s not called a prison, it’s the Mine Rehabilitation Program Centre (美祢社会復帰促進センター) (
It’s built on part of the Mine Techno Park, which lay empty after Japan’s economic Bubble burst. SECOM and NTT Data are the main private investors.

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Wankers of the World Unite!

Otaku wankers prove their worth…
…With this counter demonstration in Tokyo’s otaku/geek district, Akihabara, on May 17th fielded 1,000 protesters* against the tiny right-wing “Zaitokukai” anti-foreigner march.
The banner below says:
Otaku are all one nation—NO BORDERS.

no-borders秋葉原で「在日外国人は出て行け」系のデモをやっててそのデモに反対する人がこんな段幕を掲げていた.そう.オタクに国境はないのだ.—Simon_Sin(@Simon_Sin) 2015May18

brett fujiokaThe Otaku [geeks] were holding a pro-foreigner demonstration. Against the Zaitokukai [right-wing protest party].
     Brett Fujioka (@Brett_Fujioka) May 17, 2015

Here a glimpse of the anti-foreigner march of the neo-nazi Zaitokukai (Wiki) that the counter demonstration was protesting against. As you can see, the counter-protesting otaku vastly outnumbered the Zaitokukai crazies.

Why does the Zaitokukai hate foreigners so much? Well most importantly these hated “foreigners” aren’t even really foreign.

These so-called “foreigners” are mostly Japanese born and raised Koreans and to smaller extent naturalized, Japanese-passport carrying Chinese and Brazil-Japanese. The Zaitokukai is a Japanese political organization that seeks to eliminate perceived privileges† extended to foreigners with “Special Foreign Resident” status who are mostly Zainichi Koreans (Wiki).
†The “privileges” are mostly welfare for single mothers and elderly (50,000yen/month, about $420 USD). Only 0.7 percent of the total population in Japanese receives welfare benefits (NY Times) and the total number of these faux-foreigners receiving benefits is infinitesimally small.

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