Koizumi’s Aide Linked to Crime Syndicate

Investigative reporters left in the lurchFCCJ : The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan by Benjamin Fulford
Friday magazine came to me with photographic evidence showing that Kiyoshi Takeuchi, the man who ran Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s election committee for decades, was a member of the Inagawa crime syndicate. They wanted the photographs held for safe keeping.
Friday has a brave team of reporters who have risked their lives to demonstrate, with evidence that would stand up in court, links between Japan’s current Prime Minister and a yakuza crime syndicate.
Unfortunately, the magazine has been under such pressure that they have finally given up trying to report this issue further…..

Two Japanese face tough trial in China For Drug Smuggling – Japan’s Leading International News Network

Japan Today – News – 2 Japanese men go on trial in China for drug smuggling
Teruo Takeda, 61, from Nagoya and a 38-year-old man from Osaka appeared in court in Dalian for what was expected to be a one-day hearing, with sentencing to follow.

They have been charged with smuggling the stimulant “ice,” a kind of amphetamine.

Japan’s high suicide rate mystifies the rest of the world

IOL: World
…..Japan has the highest suicide rate in the industrialised world, a phenomenon often linked to the lack of cultural taboo about suicide but reluctance to discuss it openly.
Suicide rates have picked up since the economy began to slump in the 1990s, as the once unthinkable idea of economic insecurity has taken hold. Japan registered a record high of 34 427 suicides in 2003……

Japan pushing for more whaling and repeal of the whaling ban

Yahoo! News – Whaling Commission debates possible repeal of whaling ban
….Sweden called the meeting in an attempt to negotiate a compromise between pro-whaling nations like Iceland, Japan and Norway, which are determined to lift a 1986 IWC moratorium on commercial whaling, and countries that staunchly oppose the practice like Australia and Britain…..

Japanese public evenly spilt on support of Class-A war criminal shrine

asahi.com : English
Public opinion is split over whether Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi should continue his visits to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine, an Asahi Shimbun poll conducted over the weekend shows.
Asked whether Koizumi should continue to visit Yasukuni, 38 percent of those polled said yes, and 39 percent said no.

Private health-service point to a new trend in Japan

asahi.com : English
The health-service firm will charge several tens of thousands of yen per employee annually.
“The companies that sign up for the service can expect to see their medical expenses held down, which will be worth the annual costs,” said Yoichiro Imanishi, a senior researcher at Mitsubishi Research Institute, which provides data support for the establishment of the new company

Education Minister Regrets Remarks On Textbooks – Japan’s Leading International News Network

Japan Today – News – Education minister regrets remarks on textbooks –
TOKYO— Education minister Nariaki Nakayama said Tuesday his remarks on Japanese history textbooks were based on his personal belief and that he should not have made such comments in public. “I should have refrained from speaking from my individual standpoint,” he said…
….[previously on the weekend he had said that the texbooks were] “extremely self-torturing and tantamount to saying that Japan did only bad things.” [and] “It is good that references to ‘comfort women’ and abduction from occupied territories are decreasing.”

Japanese crazy says he stabbed woman to go to jail

Japan Today – News – Tokyo man says he stabbed woman so he could go to prison – Japan’s Leading International News Network
A 45-year-old man being held in connection with the murder of a 19-year-old woman has told investigators he killed her because he wanted to be sent to prison, police said Monday. The suspect told police he selected the woman at random.

Brother cides Japan Prince’s Remarks

Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Brother Remarks on Japan Prince’s Remarks
Japan’s crown prince should have consulted his father before criticizing palace officials earlier this year…In May, Crown Prince Naruhito had lashed out at palace officials for restricting Crown Princess Masako’s activities, saying they wanted to “deny her character.”
…Prince Akishino said both he and the emperor were surprised by his older brother’s remarks.
“He should have at least told the emperor about what he was going to say before speaking at the news conference. I think this is regrettable,” Akishino said. “I was surprised, to say the least. I hear the emperor was also very surprised.”