Japan Uses Submarine Incident To Whip Up Anti-Chinese Nationalism

Japan Uses Submarine Incident To Whip Up Anti-Chinese Nationalism.
‘In the early hours of November 10, a Chinese submarine was detected intruding into Japanese territorial waters off the Okinawa islands, some 1,600 kilometers southwest from Tokyo. The incident rapidly escalated into a full-blown diplomatic row as the entire Japanese political establishment stirred up fear and suspicion with alarmist statements about the Chinese military threat on Japan’s doorstep. An examination of the events reveals that the alarm was largely fabricated….
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Drunk Driving instructor

Instructor arrested for driving drunk on wrong side of highway
FUJIEDA, Shizuoka — A driving school instructor was arrested on Monday for driving under the influence of alcohol in the wrong direction on a national highway and triggering a traffic accident involving three other vehicle….

{Taro: Unlike other countries, Japanese driving instructors are ex-cops and are thought of as “officials of the court”.}