Japan is already ‘embarrassed’ by its 2020 Olympic performance

giant twat of tokyo 2020 olymipics

Zaha Hadid says Tokyo stadium criticism is "embarrassing" for Japanese architects
dezeen.com | 8 December 2014
London-based architect Hadid was selected to design the 80,000-seat Japan National Stadium in 2012, following a restricted-entry international competition judged by a panel that included Japanese architect Tadao Ando.


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Tokyo’s craptastic 2020 Olympics

Tokyo has not been making very good progress in the preparations for the hosting of the 2020 Olympics…


Bidding reopened for Olympic stadium construction
Oct. 8, 2014, TOKYO (AP) – A new round of bidding for construction of the main stadium for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will delay the start of the problematic project.
Some of the bids were reviewed by someone in the decision committee before all bids were in, a violation of the rules, Japan Sport Council official Takayuki Ito said on Tuesday.
Another round of bidding is due this month”We need to revamp the whole system of planning for the Olympic stadium,” he said, acknowledging there were too many problems.


white space is good for the soul The True Reason for the irrational waste of money on the 2020 Olympics...

The new Tokyo Olympic stadium is just a cover for the underground base being built beneath it for PM Abe’s gray alien allies. Building these underground bases to house giant robots and giant robot research facilities is hard to keep secret; that’s the real reason for the construction rebidding the stadium project.


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Tokyo 2020 Special Olympics

Tokyo is making good progress in preparing for their hosting of the 2020 Olympics…

Tokyo special Olympics


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Truly olympic shoes for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

With the start of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics just around the corner (and none of the venues’ construction has started yet*) Tokyo has started critical preparations such as …



*Good luck with building anything on time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
The average age of a Japanese construction worker is well over 40 years old and a third of the workforce is over age 55 with many of them are expected to retire soon. And of course, foreign labor is out of the question for pure Japan.

Mr. “Mukimuki” Mouth Exerciser

Mr. Mukimuki Mouth Exerciser asks:
said-openQ: How do you show off your muscles?said-closed


Football great Ronaldo reacts to the above Japanese TV eccentricities
Click to play GIF animation.

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Japanese baseball “sekuhara,” again

Brisky-getting-frisky-again Nippon-Ham-Fighters japan baseball
Our report on the mascot Brisky getting frisky at a Nippon Ham Fighters baseball game (3Yen / 2005-08-20) has been an all-time favorite with readers. That is to say, sekuhara/sekuhara—the Japanese-engrish abbreviation for sexual harassment—is the national pastime in Japan like baseball.

Just recently I noticed that Brisky-kun has some real competition in the pervy department.
Move over for the hot babe “Buffalo Bell“— The new bovine kigurimi mascot of the Orix Buffaloes baseball team has proven such a sensation that she has attracted her own up-skirt problems
sankakucomplex.com (ÑṠFW):
Buffalo Bell – And You Thought Dollers & Furries Weren’t Hot!

Tokyo’s street ‘Fight Club’

Friend of the 3Yen, Mr. Masa of Masamania, captured the pix of a “Fight Club” on the streets of Tokyo’s tawdry Kabukicho district—He has created another stellar photo essay in his indubitable engrish.
Enjoy the real Japan.

Exciting real street fight show at dangerous town, Kabukicho
japculture.com | 2014/07/15

Time is one minutes.
Challenger must pay JPY1000- in advance.
Challenger can only punch. No kick.
But Mr. Matsukawa never punches back


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