Nomo fired by the LA Dodgers

Nomo denied arbitration by Dodgers k
Hideo Nomo, who filed for free agency this off-season, was not among the 40 players offered salary arbitration …. meaning he will be released by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Ai-chan defeated by China’s Junior Girls

Ai FUKUHARASheer Class
China won the Junior Girls Team title at the 2nd ITTF World Junior Table Tennis Championships in Kobe, Japan on Monday 1 December 2004 …
In the final they beat the host nation, Japan, by three matches to nil…. Japan has a splendid team, Ai FUKUHARA, Nozomi HASAMA and Yuka ISHIGAKI are players of high calibre but in the Kobe World Memorial Hall they were given a lesson, a severe lesson…..

Softbank wastes money on a Japanese baseball team | 11/30/2004 | Softbank acquires Japanese baseball team
okyo-based Softbank’s acquisition of the Daiei Hawks follows Japanese online shopping mall Rakuten Inc.’s decision earlier this month to form a new Pacific League ballclub next season — the first in 50 years….

Yomiuri Giants consider day games

Daily Yomiuri On-Line
….The Yomiuri Giants are considering hosting day games on Sundays at Tokyo Dome next season for the first time in 14 years, an official of the Central League club said Monday.
Giants representative Hidetoshi Kiyotake said the plan is aimed at bringing back the younger fans to the stadium.
“This is just one idea in getting the kids back to the ballpark,” Kiyotake said. “Even on Sundays, the children usually have to leave by nine or so.”….

Japanese Netcasts Create Ballball Games for One

Netcasts throw ball clubs a curveball
….Rakuten Golden Eagles plan to offer live Internet coverage of games at its Miyagi Stadium in Sendai. It will provide users with multi-angle footage they can choose from, while also making available stats on players involved. Netcasts covering games until they finish also offer an alternative to TV coverage, which frequently ends while play is still in progress… In Japan, there are lots of ideas that have to be tried out, like letting visitors choose to watch only the player they want to see instead of the entire game …