Shopping for Pork Plague

As you see in the photos below, they are freaking out in Tokyo’s Narita Airport since this is the start of the Japanese Golden Week holiday and international air travel is the highest point of the year while the Pork Plague is just starting to hit.

swine-flu masks narita japan
quarantine officers wearing a protective masks… checking the body temperature of passengers at Narita International airport… — April 28, 2009

‘the greatest private equity bonanza of all time’

within the next 18 months, the generation that built Japanese industry from the ashes of the Second World War will be hitting that magical age of 79.1. Given what is out there in terms of value and industrial strength, it is a fairly short wait for what could be the greatest private equity bonanza of all time.
——–Age cannot wither them: Leo Lewis on Asia – Online – September 5, 2008

shacho vs vultures

Criminal construction biz of Japan is “shaky”

crap construction of Japan
Let's slipshod
Here’s your Japanese word of the day, tewonuku—–to cut corners, and slipshod construction is what Japan excels at best. To say that construction of Japan is “shaky” is to say the least of the story. Basically, construction in Japan is a crime. Let’s tewonuku!

Japan’s construction shaky
Japan’s four top general contractors enjoyed revenue growth for the April-December period, but six second-ranking companies are still struggling for survival and their need for greater debt renunciation is putting pressure on Japan’s banking system as a whole and dragging down the speed of the nation’s economic recovery.….more….

Wal-mart, Aeon for the rotting carcass of Carrefour Japan

Wal-Mart, Aeon bid for Carrefour’s Japan ops-paper
TOKYO, Dec 2 (Reuters) – Three Japanese and U.S. retailers, including Wal-Mart Stores Inc. , have placed competing bids to buy Carrefour SA’s Japanese outlets, all valuing the business at more than $300 million, a newspaper said on Thursday.
In addition to Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, Aeon Co. , which is Japan’s biggest retailer, and general merchandiser Izumiya Co. Ltd. have submitted bids, the Asian Wall Street Journal reported…..

Liberty Media seeks stake in Japan telecom

Rocky Liberty seeks stake in Japan telecom
John Malone’s Liberty Media International Inc. agreed today to a transaction that will give it control of Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Japan’s largest cable- television company, if Jupiter sells shares to the public.
Liberty said in a statement that it will contribute all of its Jupiter holdings, a 45 percent stake, to a holding company and Sumitomo Corp. will contribute its 20 percent stake. Within a year after that transaction is complete, Sumitomo will contribute its remaining 12 percent stake to the holding company

Will High Yen Cause Recession in Japan?

Is Japan teetering on the edge of yet another recession? Yen bulls are starting to run out of excuses as tonight’s horrid eco data suggests that the Land of the Rising Sun may be close to the tipping point. With Industrial Production contracting by -1.6% versus 0.1% expected, Household Spending increasing a paltry 0.1% against 0.8% projected and Small Business Confidence falling to 48.9 – well below the key 50 level – economic indicators are furiously flashing a yellow warning. Japan is suffering from chronically weak domestic demand caused by declining wages in 40 of the last 44 months. This trend is now exacerbated by a global economic slowdown and a strongly appreciating yen both of which are affecting the country’s export income. Although BOJ has not intervened in the FX markets, the necessity to do so increases with every downtick in USD/JPY…..

Japan E-broker E*trade Up 25% On Market Debut

Japan e-broker E*Trade up 25% on market debut
E*Trade Securities rose 25 percent on its market debut on Tuesday, as investors bet Japan’s biggest online brokerage would survive market competition and weather a lacklustre Tokyo stock market.
Shares in E*Trade Securities, affiliated with Japanese venture capital firm Softbank Investment Corp. (SBI) , first traded on the nation’s Jasdaq market for startups at 500,000 yen after its 25.3 billion yen ($245.9 million) offering.

Its initial public offering (IPO) price was 400,000 yen.

Sony-IBM is a big hit with Wall Street

Dollar Worries Send Dow to Close Down 46
IBM Corp. and Sony Corp. have collaborated on a new semiconductor specifically designed for home entertainment products, according to The Wall Street Journal. The two companies are reportedly ready to announce a limited production run for the chip, the newspaper said. IBM rose 78 cents to $95.50, while Sony gained 40 cents to $36.37.

Stocks May Fall on Stronger Yen; Nissan, Sony Seen Leading Drop

Tokyo stocks open slightly lower on firmer yen