About fcuking time, grrr.


The long nightmare for the handicapped, the Tokyo Metro’s Ginza Line, is finally going to remodeled.
It’s about fcuking time, grrr.
The terminus of the Ginza Line in Shibuya—Japan’s fourth busiest station—only has partial elevator access to only one half of the station. Other stations of the Ginza Line also features “unique” Japanese features like:
    • Wheelchair ramps ending in a flight of stairs,
    • Steps leading to handicapped restrooms,
    • Random pipes in the middle of pathways,
    • Conduits and ventilation ducts hanging from the
       ceiling below 180 cm (5 feet 9 inches),
    • And stair tread depths smaller than size 24 cm
      (US size 8) shoes.


Beware of the holiday rush of horny riders on the Tokyo Metro!

tokyo metro manners
The Tokyo Metro manners poster for December warns of the holiday rush of horny reindeer and rhino salarymen.

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Don’t play with your nuts on the Tokyo Metro

Don’t play with your nuts on the subway.

Check out the original Tokyo Metro manners poster.

Better yet are the posters in the northernmost big city of Japan, Sapporo. Way up in pseudo-Siberia, Sapporo’s subway system has posters that are better than the banal banners for Tokyo’s Metro Manners.


“Subway posters are better in Sapporo”

pic.twitter.com/Pvs2GpFtln— Justin Norrie (@JustinNorrie) June 21, 2014

The above poster is from Sapporo’s Tozai Line.

Poster in the subway in

Train manners: Tokyo vs Paris


Campaign against male violence in the Paris Metro
Le Mode 2014/10/31– Google Translate

“The testicles are not crystal, they do not explode. The closure of the thighs is preferable.”
Notice to men who lounge about, legs apart, on the seats of the Paris Metro..The collective, Dare feminism, is launching a Takebackthemetro campaign and a petition on Oct. 31st.
“The subway’s atmosphere is hostile to women. According to a survey we conducted, three quarters of women are forced to develop coping strategies, adapt their own behavior, and carefully choose where they sit,” says Anne-Cécile Mailfert, on behalf of the association.

Get on the Halloween Party Train! Yokohama’s Chinatown to Tokyo’s Shibuya

Every Halloween for the past 30 years or so, the gaijin/aliens (foreigners) of Tokyo have had a tradition of getting roaring drunk in costume and then turning a couple of cars of the Yamanote commuter line into a “party train” much to the chagrin of sad-sack salarymen.

See right:
Please party on the train!
     (3Yen / 2008-11-01)

And, what’s the quickest way to ruin kinky fun? Legalize it


On the Tokyu Line between Yokohama’s Chinatown and Tokyo’s Shibuya districts, Tokyu Corporation chartered their own official Halloween Party Train and ruined a lot of the clandestine fun, meh.
To learn more about the original, evil-alien, Halloween Party Train refer to:
   • Japan’s Halloween (3Yen / 2014-10-30) Not posted yet
   • wikia.com/wiki/Yamanote_Halloween_Train

A real winner for Japan’s High School Manga Championship

priority seating tokyo metro trainOmiya-Minami High School of Saitama Prefecture won the 23rd High School Manga Championship of Japan with a reinterpreted cartoon of the priority seating sign (R) found on Japanese trains.

According to Ky0d0 News (2014-Aug-08) this winning manga depicts:
said-openchildren sitting on priority seats on trains and striking poses similar to the signs above them for those eligible for the seats.”

【速報】第23回まんが甲子園 決勝結果! ペン児のみんな感動をありがとう! — まんが王国・土佐 (@mangaoukokutosa) Aug 3, 2014


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Japanese manners for the annual rainy season

The 3Yen’s correspondent-at-large, Den4, writes:metro manner

Let’s Eye Poking Umbrella style for today’s train manners lesson.

kasa poster
PSA / open use

For even more fun, check out the quoter leftofficialquoter right Tokyo Metro manners poster for the month of June.

Even though Tokyo already has been cloudy/rainy for a couple of days, Tokyo’s official rainy season (tsuyu) is supposed to start June 8th (japan-guide.com). The Japan Meteorological Agency announced that the rainy season has started in the southern half of Japan in the Chogoku, Kinki and Tokai regions (Japan Metrological Agency).



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