Tough year for manners

ポスター mannersThe up-coming Japanese fiscal year starts tomorrow and it’s going a tough year for teasing the Tokyo Metro’s manners posters in English. The theme of 2016’s posters will feature kanji ideographs that will target* the current rude hoards Chinese tourists and the locals, meh.

 tokyo metro gate manners poster

tokyo-metro-logoTokyo Metro’s New Manner Posters Themed on Kanji Graphics | 2016-Mar-30
Every year Tokyo Metro announces a new series of…”Manner [sic] Posters” …The new posters designed by Tokyo illustrator, Yu Nagaba, will feature a new character called “Chikao-kun” or “Underground Boy”…The new slogan “anata no mana- , ii kanji?” or “are your manners in good shape?”...more...



real metro manners poster of door kanji
The above poster is a 3Yen “exclusive” since the actual manners poster shown on the left won’t be put up until tomorrow, April 1st.
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Our reports of previous fiscal year’s new series of manner posters include:



March Metro madness

March Metro—Make way for the prima donnas!


``In order to uplift commuting manners, every month we have created a traffic moral promotional manners poster that is posted in stations and on the trains.´´


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The Tokyo Metro has outdone itself this month with this new helpful poster to explaining why Japanese people never sit next to the foreigner on the train.



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Go granny go!

Japanese moral dilemma #175:
Do you offer your train seat to a princess or a granny?

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Rude Rudolph

logoThis month’s Metro Manners message warns of Rude Rudolph on the Tokyo subway.


metro manners in japanese
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Tokyo Fashion Police strike again!

Speaking of Mannerly manners trained in Japan (3Yen 2015-11-03, 11:30am), check out the Tokyo Fashion Police busting a Japanese salaryman for wearing a bright yellow suit and having clashing green helmet hair on the Metro.


Mannerly manners trained…in Japan of course

Check out the mannerly manners training…

Closeup of the manners sign


Take care of those ‘HAND DOSE’ on Tokyo trains

It's Friday night in Tokyo, watch out
  for dose door pockets!

hand-doseshoganai — Shogannai (@Shogannai) Oct. 23, 2015


Halloween candy is problematic in Japan

Halloween is the time to mug old people for hiding their trick-or-treat candy. October’s manners poster on the Tokyo Metro
sugar-thievesThe-rest-of-story is that while Halloween has become increasingly popular in Japan (is a perfect excuse for Japanese cosplay), trick-or-treating is extremely rare. No telling what horrors happened to that old man in the poster after he got onto always-remote train station elevator with those sugar-deprived Japanese kids. Just look at the kids’ deviously evil smiles.


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Puppetry prohibited in Tokyo?

The Tokyo Metro’s manners poster for September:

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