KIRIMI-chan Christmas — Japan’s Salmon Steak Xmas

Sanrio, the Japanese company behind Hello Kitty, has new Christmas character: Kirimi-chan.
And Kirimi-chan is a real character—She’s a salmon steak with arms and legs who is coming to your Christmas tree!


kirimi今日はクリスマスツリーの日だよ…!よぅし、飾り付けはバッチリ…! — KIRIMIちゃん.【公式】 (@kirimi_sanrio) December 7, 2015


banner-kirimi-300xName: Kirimi-chan
Birthday: August 31st
A star in the sliced food world. Hello. I’m kirimichan. Your faithful mealtime partner! Be sure to grill me up nicely!
—via Sanrio Timeline



Hello Kitty strafes the streets of New York

Let’s all give thanks that the giant, mutant, gas bag, Hello Kitty who strafed the streets of New York yesterday did not have bullets.

mutant-gas-bag-kittyfinals_normalMacy's Thanksgiving Day Parade— The New York Times (@nytimes) November 26, 2015


As I always say, You-Can-Never-Have-Enough-Hello-Kitty©″…


Hello Chucky™

Longtime collaborator with the 3Yen, RobPongi, gave us this heads-up on the new Hello Kitty/Chucky Mashup Doll that the Universal Studios theme park in Japan was selling for this Halloween.

Universal Studios Japan Selling Hello Kitty/Chucky Mashup Doll

Hello-Chuckie via

RobPongi further reports: left_quoter_14x24Annnnndddd….IT’S GONE!right_quoter_13x24

However, the fact that the Hello Chucky™ doll isn’t listed on the website may be a sign of it being sold out rather than it pulled off the market.

Other strange Chucky and Hello Kitty occurrences spotted in Japan include:

Creepazoid Kitty (3Yen / 2012-04-23)
hell no kitty

Hello Kitty tombstone (3Yen / 2014-09-17)
hello kitty grave

Chucky on the Tokyo subway with his bride (3Yen / 2013-08-05)
chucky subway


Stepmother of Hello Kitty

The fashion brand “Stella McCartney” had an opening party on May 20th for their new store in Aoyama (north Harajuku Tokyo). For that opening they managed to scare up the current designer/stepmother of Hello Kitty, Yuko Yamaguchi (Wiki).

As we always say on the 3Yen, left_quoter_14x24You Can Never Have Enough HELLO KITTY.right_quoter_13x24 Right?



Hello Shoes(tm)

You Can Never Have Enough HELLO-KITTY!



Hello Toilet

Here’s a Japanese goodie that everybody needs: a Squirting Hello Kitty Robo-toilet!
kitty_textvia The Citizen



Hello Wino turns 40 today

Today is Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday, which coincidentally is the birthday of her designer, Yuko Shimizu.
Refer to: After 40 Years, a Look at Hello Kitty's SuccessABC News (Associated Press) Oct. 31, 2014


The 3Yen previously covered Wino Kitty’s drinking problem in…hellokitty-saying on wine bottle

Kittypatra? Egypto-Japanese Hello Kitty

“Kittypatra” is some sort of Egypto-Japanese Kitty Deity…

In Los Angles, the Japanese American National Museum is holding the exhibitionHello! Exploring the Supercute World of Hello Kitty featuring the above “Kittypatra” as well as hundreds of more, said-open mixed media works by artists demonstrating Hello Kitty’s dominance over today’s contemporary art scene,said-closed ri-i-i-ight.

Learn more about the exhibit at the websites of Sanrio and the Japanese American National Museum.


Sanrio has started their new men’s Hello Kitty line of fashion for those not said-openbound by such stereotypessaid-closed as spelling and grammar.

HELLO KITTY MEN Project Start!
Sanrio Company | Press Release, 2014 Sept 08, Tokyo
Kitty-chan, because it was something of a girl.
For men and humorous afford to be able to without being bound by such stereotypes, while having a sense of fun, and dress in fashionable Hello Kitty, Hello Kitty for men's, its name is also the birth of the “HELLO KITTY MEN” more...


In Japan, even the tombstone business is dead

In rapidly aging Japan, being dead should be a big business but there are a lot of “buts”…

Grave times for Japan tombstone trade
Reuters / September 14, 2014
The number of deaths each year is expected to increase by 30 percent over the next quarter century.
But more Japanese are choosing to have their ashes scattered at sea or planted under a tree, as these options are cheaper than a gravestone, which is usually the last big splurge for many people at a time of intense caution over the economy.
About 40 per cent of Japanese already have a spot waiting in an ancestral grave, a survey by a tombstone industry group shows, limiting the scope for potential sales.
At the same time, a fifth or more of Japanese would consider alternative, natural burials. Price is one concern.
But for older people, another, larger concern is that with few or no descendants to visit their gravesmore...

Yes, the above is a Hello Kitty tombstone—It’s not all that usual for a child’s memorial to have gravestone in a theme of Anpanman, Hello Kitty, or even One Piece…
More via qjphotos.wordpress.comgrave8