Pedo-Bear is back, and now he wants granny!

bear-bot in japan robot Look out granny!
Japanese scientists of the RIKEN research institute have released a new experimental nursing care robot, “ROBEAR.”

According to RIKEN’s press release of February 23rd, the ROBEAR can performing tasks such as lifting a patient from a bed or wheelchair and, left_quoter_14x24will provide impetus for research on the creation of robots that can supplement Japan’s need for new approaches to care-givingright_quoter_13x24
Ri-i-i-ight—Granny is gonna love this. ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

Sadly, these nursing care robots of the RIKEN Institute have been around forever. RIBA-II, the care-giving Teddy Bear ( / 2011-08-03) shown above has been in development for a long time without any the bear-bots going into practical use in nursing homes and hospitals.

The 3Yen first reported years ago about the predecessor of the RIBA, the RI-MAN robot in: Stroke my soft machine (3Yen / 2006-03-01)
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Bitter green pretzels … only in Japan

The newest Pocky was released on February 10th: the Pocky Kasane Maccha. This pretzel has layered dark chocolate and bitter green tea, and it will only be available for a limited time.


(More details at the official Pocky Street website.)

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Get naked with 10,000 of your closest Japanese buddies!

It’s that time of the year again
…For the Hadaka Matsuri aka Naked Festival (3Yen 2012-02-20) at Saidaiji Temple in Okayama, where you can tussle with 10,000 nearly naked drunk men in fundoshi/loincloths to touch the delegated naked holy man(correction) who almost always needs to be hospitalized after the crush.

Japanese ‘free’ beer can be marketed as a health food

3Yen readers Mulboyne and “Choko” write:

Just when you thought Coke had the monopoly on ‘Wild Health’ (3Yen 2011-02-06)

left_quoter_14x24Breaking remarkable new ground, Japan’s Consumer Agency has ruled non-alcohol beer can be labelled a health food.right_quoter_13x24yomiuri-text
Japan’s largest newspaper, the Yomiuri Shimbun (right), reports that the courts found that the promotion of non-alcohol beer did not contribute to underage drinking. The official ruling said that breweries could label the so-called “free” beer (above left) as a help in maintaining and improving health in accordance with Japan’s Health Promotion Law. R-i-i-ight.

left_long quotebar 24x260pxAlcohol-free drinks get health stamp
The Japan Times | Feb. 18, 2015



The return of the All-seeing Eye of Shinjuku

Japan’s All-seeing Eye of the Illuminati has made its triumphant return to Tokyo after being winked out by the Fukushima Nuclear Power Pant Meltdown of 2011*.

left_long quotebar 24x260px
The Eye of Shinjuku is back up again. Anyone with a paranoia complex might want to steer clear.
The art installation, dating back to 1970, was turned off as a power conservation measure following the Great Quake of 2011. It was back on last week.
Mulboyne — Mulboyne (@Mulboyne) February 18, 2015

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Extreme Japan

Having a truly romantic Japanese Valentine’s Day last Saturday, the Japanese lady shown below is enjoying an “Extreme Ironing” event on the very frozen Lake Hibara at 17 degrees Fahrenheit (-7℃).

Besides “Extreme Ironing,” Lake Hibara—part of the volcanic caldera of Mount Bandai*—is a popular ice-fishing spot in Kita-shiobara, Fukushima Prefecture, in northern Japan.
According to their fun facebook page, Extreme Ironing and ice-fishing is perfect way to enjoy Fukushima Prefecture (land of the dread nuclear disaster {3Yen 2015-01-25}) where anything is possible.




Everybody on the Japanese Internet is giggling about this awfully elongated faux-Gundam in the Philippines…

fiip-gundamsidebar-quote long …これ、ホントなの?お次はフィリピンですかいろいろスゴいなぁw — ZIGGY (@lifeonaxis) Feb. 15, 2015

The Gundamguy blog describes this as a, said-open Life-Size Statue of the RX-78-2 Gundam at the Jed’s Island Resort on the McArthur Highway, Calumpit, Bulacan in The Philippines.said-closed The resort has other mecha statues too [more photos].

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Without all the trash, here’s what Tokyo would look like

Without all the fcuking trash and clutter, here’s what Tokyo would look like cleaned up…

left_long-quotebar_24x360Without Ads Or Billboards, Here’s What The Streets Of Tokyo Would Look Like
The Huffington Post 02/13/2015
French graphic designer Nicolas Damiens reveals just how critical ads are to the character of a metropolis by showing how surreal the space would look without them. In his series aptly titled “Tokyo Without Ads,” Damiens strips the buzzing Tokyo streets of any and all ads. The result is nearly unrecognizable…more photos…

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Japanese girls must give Feb 14th

Some of my Valentine’s chocolate has arrived early.

choco-girl今週はバレンタインです 明日と当日はワタシもお店におりまする^^チョコレートプレゼント企画などもありつつ、気になるあの人へのプレゼントなら表参道FYPでね♥ –OMI / 化郎 (@OMI_KERO) 2014feb11

The basic idea is that Valentine’s Day here, Japanese girls give chocolates (and love) to guys and the guys don’t have to do much of anything*.

Anyway, here’s a Youbube of some goofy Japanese Chocolates and pink pompom Valentines.

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