Lumpen Jesus of Japan

I don’t know what you see in the stone image below, but it looks more like a typical Shinto phallus (3Yen 2006-04-03) than a stoned Jesus.


‘Hidden Christians’ suspected source of stone figure found inside hollow tree
Japan Times | 2015 Nov. 10
A town in Hokkaido is eager to identify a stone figure found inside a felled tree trunk with no apparent entry hole.
The carving has a cross on its base, which leads some to believe it is a devotional object placed there centuries ago by Japanese Christians fleeing persecution.

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The shit is back.


The shit is back.
Last year’s* special exhibition of Tokyo’s The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, “Toilet the Future” now is traveling to the Sendai International Center Exhibition Hall.

little-poop-heads Toilet!? — Human Waste & Earth’s Future
The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) toilet-characters_logo

Last year exhibition made a big splash as you can see in the video below and our report:
(3Yen 2014-07-08): 1st, you must become a poop-head. 2nd, you get flushed.

Learn more poop on the upcoming Sendai exhibit that runs from December 11, 2015 to January 11, 2016 from the news report at: (Google Translate)


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Crappy cuisine from Japan, of course

CNN is recycling “shitty” old news (circa 2006) about poop curry again…

Grossest restaurant ever? Inside Japan’s poo curry cafe | November 4, 2015


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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un gives field guidance on hair styling and peerless pissciculture to the Pyongyang Catfish Farm on October 31.

Kim Jong Un Visits Pyongyang Catfish Farm
catfish-advicekcna-watch-logo — KCNA Watch (@KCNAWatch) November 2, 2015