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fappy-catalog quoter leftRemember you're in Japan. Everyone here still faps by fax.quoter right
—The Hopeful Monster (@SublightMonster) March 18, 2015

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WANKERING MACHINES IN ACTION at the Adult Treasure Expo AET 2007

Tully’s vs Publly’s

tully's vs publly's
Starbucks wannabe, the specialty coffee retailer Tully’s Coffee* seems to have competition in Japan—“Publly’s Coffee,” which is robo-brewed and dispensed from up-scale vending machines in Japanese highway service areas. Publly’s robo-baristas inside the machines do a remarkably good job of making a “custom” cup coffee and fitting it with cover for a mere 100 ¥en ($0.82 USD).
left_long quotebar 24x260pxNow it spreads all over to our culture, society, and history. And, it represents our affordable life and peaceful time. IT IS COFFEE.
                —PUBLLY’S COFFEE


American and biker wannabe wins Miss Universe Japan 2015


left_long quotebar 24x260pxHalf-American Ariana Miyamoto is Miss Universe Japan 2015
Missosology 2015/Mar13
20-year-old Ariana Miyamoto, a part-time worker and a daughter of a black American father and Japanese mother became the first ever bi-racial winner of Miss Universe Japan.  She is from Sasebo City, home of Japan’s important naval base in Kyushu...more...

According to Wikipedia, Ariana went to high school in the United States which makes her the most “international” of Japan’s Miss Universe offerings in a long time. She is described as, left_quoter_14x24 passionate about bikes and desires to buy a Harley Davidson if she wins a lottery someday.right_quoter_13x24


Happy B-day KUMAMON! (March 12)

Kumamon (くまモン), the screwball mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture, was born on March 12, 2010 Kumamon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

My name is “Kumamon” and I was born in the wake of the Kyushu Shinkansen whole line opening of March 2011.

via (Kumamon self-introduction)

くまモン birthday

Just can’t hide!

…and sometimes the bear eats you.

FamilyMart merges with Circle K Sunkus


left_long quotebar 24x260pxFamilyMart, UNY Group in merger talks
The Yomiuri Shimbun / March 06, 2015
Convenience store chain FamilyMart Co. and … UNY Group’s Circle K Sunkus Co. chain…to be operated in Japan under the envisaged merger will likely rival that of industry giant Seven-Eleven Japan Company …blah, blah, blah…

So many names—Does anybody have any name ideas?


Mickey Mouse takes it up his backside in Japan

With his pants pulled down to his knees, Mickey Mouse takes it up his backside and gets stuffed…

Mickey getting stuffed
From the Japanese TV series “THE MAKING” (ep22)

THE MAKING was created by the Japan’s Science and Technology Agency and has produced more than 300 of these 15 minute programs showcasing Japanese craftsmanship and production.
You can view these videos at their official website: http://sciencechannel.jst.go.jp/Q000601/


The ancient Japanese tradition of …

Mulboyne writes (March 6, 2015):
sidebar-quote long The ancient Japanese tradition of pole dancing performed in front of Nijo Castle for the Parasophia arts festival in Kyoto.

About: “Parasophia”—the Kyoto International Festival of Contemporary Culture 2015 is the first large-scale international exhibition of contemporary art to be held in Kyoto.
Performance: Miwa Yanagi’s Stage Trailer Project “Pole Dance Show on Stage Trailer”

Previous 3Yen reports the plague of pole dancing in Japan include:

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    • Tokyo Metro’s pole dancer warning poster
           (3Yen / 2012-10-01) train manner poster october 2012 tokyo japan


Dollers for dollars—Yen for yen

…taking on web subculture
GOOD magazine | 2015Mar05
I understand the appeal of a costume-masked self, although I’ve put on the Kigurumi masks and found them uncomfortable. The people who wear the masks that model for me, it’s a real variety—male and female. But at the end of the shoot they seem disappointed when they have to unmask. They like being that character and acting out that character.more….

As I reported before  (3Yen / 2013-08-29) , these “Dollers” are into wearing a full bodysuit, usually in a flesh-tone color, combined with clothing and girlie accessories of a manga or anime character. Or, in the words of Admiral Ackbar