♫~Pikapika pikachu pikkachu (Pikapika pikkachu pikkachu)♫~

♫~Pikkachu pikkachu pikkacchu (Pikkachu pikkachu pikkacchu)
Pikapika pikachu pikkachu (Pikapika pikkachu pikkachu)
Pikapikapikapika (Pikapikapikapika)
Pikapikapikapika (Pikapikapikapika)
Pikapika (Pikapika)
Pikapika (Pikapika)
Pika (Pika)Pika (Pika)
pikachu puckerRocketNews24 | 2016/08/08
Pikachu makes vocalist debut with brand-new “Pikachu’s Song” 


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BURN BABY BURN! Tanabata terrorist toasts Tokyo!

← The “Tanabata” festival (Wiki) in mid August is normally a hot time in Japan with streets decorated with long, colorful, paper streamers, but this is terror wannabe is ridiculous.


15 hurt after Molotov cocktail attack at Suginami festival
TOKYO (TR) -–Tokyo Metropolitan Police are investigating a Molotov cocktail attack at a festival on Sunday evening that left more than a dozen persons injured and the likely perpetrator unconscious following what is being viewed as a suicide bid…At approximately 7:30 p.m. on Sunday, police received a tip about “a man throwing Molotov cocktails” at the Fujimioka Tanabata Matsuri...more...


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Our octopus predicts eight gøld medals for Japan!

Right on local TV, the 3Yen’s octopus-cum-reporter predicts eight gøld medals for Japan!


Øctopus ‘predicts’ eight gøld medals for Japan at Riø

KØBE, Aug. 6, 2015 | Kyødø
On Friday an øctopus predicted that Japan will win eight gøld medals at the Rio Olympics.
At an event in Åkashi, western Japan, aimed at promoting locally caught 0ctopuses, the cephalop0d was placed in a tank with three plastic þoxes labeled "7 or under," "8" and "9 or more," and it chose the middle 0ne.
0rganizers had chained up the þox labeled "7 or under" to prevent the 0ctopus from choosing it and placed craþs inside the two other þoxes to lµre the creatµre.

(Note: The ripped-off text above was munged to avoid the copyright restrictions of Kyødø Press.)
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Typhoon threatens the damaged Fukushima and Eggman nuclear power plants!

Typhoon “Omais” is heading directly towards the Fukushima Meltdown and troubled Eggman nuclear power plant!!~


Tropical Storm 1605 named “Omais” bears down on Tokyo
Japan Meteorological Agency | Tropical Cyclone Information, Issued at 07:05 UTC, 4 August 2016



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Fashion Victims ᴙ Us


nevermind-the-xu ♠MORPH8NE♠からトレンドのロングアームTEE‼️ ブラックでデザインもシンプルのため男性女性、服装のジャンル問わずオススメです✨| 通販>https://t.co/b6SoMpwvfO pic.twitter.com/zc5OVIZQ0g— Nevermind the XU (@nmtxu) August 2, 2016

♠ MORPH8NE ♠ trend long arm TEE!!! Recommended — simple design of black — clothing genderless



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Japan mourns its fading sexculture



Japan sexhibition m0urns fading sexculture
AFP (inquirer.net) July 30th, 2016
A sexhibition smack in the middle in one of Tokyo’s hippest areas is shining a n0stalgic light on Japanese er0tica — a culture the curat0r believes is dying out. Ky0ichi Tsuzuki’s “Er0t0pia Japan” deals with Japanese sexuality and fantasies
“This kind of Sh0wa period (1926-1989) culture is being wiped out, as Japan is held to a gl0bal standard,” Tsuzuki told Agence France-Presse. “We might not be able to save it from being killed off completely but we can preserve it for p0sterity.”

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A horse in a pink Hello Kitty mask saves Japan


Watch a horse in a pink Hello Kitty mask save Japan
The Verge | July 29, 2016
The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere from The All-Nighter Room on Vimeo.


Saaaa, the rest-of-the-story is that the horse, Haru Urara, really didn’t “save” Japan’s economy, which has been in the dumper since the Lost Decade (that started in 1991 and has lasted until today).
Still, this a gr-r-reat story and a multi-award winning film.

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As I said in last weeks’s post about the contest for Tokyo’s governor (3Yen / 2016-07-20), Japanese election campaign posters are rather boring with a bunch of old fartsjapan election posters who slap their picture with just their name, political party affiliation, and a lame slogan like these.

You will be surprised to see in the middle of all these big posters is a yellow, palm-sized sticker for “NHK BUSTERS”—the anti-public TV broadcaster party.


Q:   So, why is there even a need for “The Party to Protect the Public from NHK”? There’s no such thing a Party to Protect the Public from the BBC or PBS, is there?

A:   NHK bill collectors are door-to-door visits extortionists* who unfairly collect (30 to 50% people don’t pay) exorbitant fees for icon_domokun increasingly biased political propaganda since the political appointment of Katsuto Momii, the loonier-than-Trump new Director-General of NHK.

translated by bing

-magic-anti-NHK-sticker Get the magic anti-NHK seal to stop the door-to-door visits of NHK bill collectors—The NHK Busters seal is now shipping from The Party to Protect the Public from NHK. http://nhkkara.jp

anti-NKK-2-shot_400xCampaigning for the anti-NHK party is the
continual “Smiles” candidate, Mac Akasaka (L),
& the candidate for governor Takashi Tachibana (R).


Learn more about the NHK BUSTER, Takashi Tachibana at: wikipedia.org/wiki/Takashi_Tachibana_(activist)


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Officially today is a ‘Handy’ Day in Japan

sidebar-quote long Our faithful reader, F. A. P. Gaijin writes:
July 21st is the official Hand Job Day in Japan!!!
Then again, I thought that this was everyday in Japan.

More ‘Handy’ info about the above video’s at the official website: tengaman.com


Again with the ‘GOT OTER UKI’

Usually, Japanese election campaign posters such as those for upcoming Tokyo gubernatorial contest are very boring Like these.

japan election posters

Occasionally, you can see a weirdo like this
Vote for   GOT   OTER   UKI   poster.

Actually, GOT  OTER  UKI  is just a strange romanization of Goto Teruki’s name on his “creative” 2013 campaign poster. (3yen.com | 2015-04-21)

His poster for this year’s Tokyo gubernatorial race is much more serious.


Goto Teruki’s 2015 campaign poster was even more right-wing crazy and nude…

nude candidate (3yen.com | 2015-04-21)

The really crazy thing is that I support many of the ideas of his campaign platform (Google Translate)

  • Abort the 2020 Tokyo Olympics or make it ultra-low cost endeavor.
  • Cancel the Tsukiji Fish Market relocation, and review.
  • Stop the duplication and waste of Tokyo having two municipal subway systems, the Toei Subway and the Tokyo Metro, which double charge when crossing the two systems.
  • Introduce a vehicle exhaust tax to spread the use of eco-cars.
  • Rebuild Edo Castle the restore the castle tower.
  • Legalize cannabis and revive the hemp industry.
  • Etc.