Japan remakes Jason of Friday the 13th

Jason of Friday the 13th fame got cloned and had a sex change…in Japan of course.


The above video clip is most likely a tiny part of the floor show in the Robot Restaurant (3Yen / 2012-07-28) in Tokyo…If you can imagine Jason of Friday the 13th was a robot—See Robo-Jason (3Yen / 2009-12-31).


Fishy flags

Today the Japanese carp banners—Koinobori—are out flying in force for Children’s Day national holiday…


left_long quotebar 24x260pxKoinobori is a Japanese event for children…jpninfo.com/2309
On May 5th is a day for children in Japan and that season is called “Tango no Sekku” (端午の節句)http://t.co/kGks25AybW pic.twitter.com/9lsTewAfbE — Japan Info (@Japan_Info_) Feb. 23, 2015

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Garter garners a leg up on other Harajuku honeys

lifering-TitanicYou know your diet is a success when a micro-size Japanese leg garter fits around your leg like a life-ring/ring buoy from the Titanic.


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Japan’s economy is growing!

It’s planting season in Japan and this farmer is well on his way to having a bumper″ crop of Toyotas.

crop-of-toyotavalenchibarossiトヨタ田植え機始めたんだ— ちばろッシ@あと8連休 (@valenchibarossi) May 2, 2015

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May Day fun in Japan

Every May Day in Japan, there is long boring-to-tears parade by Japan’s toothless labor unions from Meiji Shrine (Harauku) to the Diet Building. The high point of today’s pointless parade was this float mocking Prime Minister Abe’s attempts at militarism. (-‿◦☀)



May Day METRO-Musical farting on Tokyo trains

Your farts are not music.″

not-musical-farts_640x Tokyo Metro website

Today is the first, May Day, and the Tokyo Metro has a new train manners poster up for the month—This time its chastising folks for farting on the train. (Actually, this poster is just reminding passengers not play their earphones too loud.)

tokyo metro manners

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Q: What should you do during GW—Golden Week—Japan’s weeklong national holiday (Wiki) this week when vacation/travel prices triple?
do-mall_logoA: DO! MALL!


In case you were wondering why this “DO! MALL!” looks familiar. The AEON malls’ campaign girl is Kill Bill’s Gogo Yubari aka Chiaki Kuriyama (Wiki) .

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