Toothy LION and the crossdressing Nanking Bomber Corps

1932 LION brand toothpaste advertising from the lead-up to WWII:

The women-to-men-crossdressing Takarazuka Revue (3Yen 2012-04-20) had fun with the “Nanking* Bomber Corps” in the advert of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper of November 4, 1937 shown below.


Learn more about the Nanking Massacre AKA Rape of Nanking (Wiki).


Getting nosy in Japan

Freaky-fraudulent Japanese nose improvement devices are one of the most commented on topics* here on the 3Yen over the years.
Even though these quack health items are useless, torturous nose clamps like the Hanahana nose reformer attract much interest from the nasally challenged in Japan.

Today I was delighted to stumble across a new torture device marketed to fight the Japanese phobia of having a too small nose, the COPONG™.
copong-ad how-to-use-copong

Aside from the fun of ramming a springy nasal splint up your nose, I was trying to figure out why it is obtrusively colored black. It would seem a black device would be highly noticeable.

It turns out that this black device is from the US where the Nose Secret “Instant Results Reshape Your Nose Kit” was developed for the Afro-American market.

black-beauty nose

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Blooming trippy springtime Japan

The above is from the animated intro for the NHK program, “Flowers bloom in the Northeast.”
The program is tour of the Northeast of Japan with a “mysterious girl” that the public broadcaster, NHK, has aired as part of the reconstruction campaign for the Great Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Disaster of 2011 (Wiki).

You can view the entire animation at the official NHK website…
nhk-animation-openingClick to play.

‘I thought molesters were everywhere.’

The Japanese government’s “Cool Japan” initiative (3Yen 015-04-09) promoting hinky schoolgirl manga and anime is having some interesting results in the tourism industry.

Three foreign tourists arrested for molestation in Japan after thinking it was normal behavior | 2015/04/10molester-text…more…
Chikan rabbits

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do-it at the beach molestation


Cool Japan flops — bust in Malaysia

The Japanese government’s “Cool Japan” initiative seeking to exploit the commercial capital of the country’s culture industry (Wiki) seems to be a bust in Malaysia.

Mall selling sexy dolls bust-ed / April 9, 2015
In a successful bust, the [Malaysian] Home Ministry’s Al-Quran Text and Publishing Control Division seized RM14,234.20 worth of prohibited and obscene [Japanese] material from a popular shopping mall in Petaling Jaya.busted-sexy-doll-text         More…

culture-japan photo credit:

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An utterly Japanese business dilemma

Today’s Japanese business dilemma is:
What kind nipples to put on a male, Japanese, ball-jointed doll sold for mastibatory activities?

quoter leftPlease choose the udder design for Smart Doll 005 Eiji Seiun.quoter right
utter-choicesスマド星雲永時くんのB地区造形を選んでください。— Danny Choo (@dannychoo) April 8, 2015

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Cull or combination! Lose those ‘Loose characters’!

Has Japan hit Peak ‘Loose Character’?
The mascot business has been showing signs a crash for some time we reported last year that Scores of ‘lax characters’ in Osaka Japan put to death in prefectural putsch (3Yen / 2014-05-08/) .

Japan mascots face cull or combination
Yahoo News (AFP) / 2015-April-06
Japan’s swollen ranks of cuddly mascots, once de rigueur for every local government and commercial brand, are coming under increasing threat, with some being culled and others combined.mascot-text    More…


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Captain Hard-on of Hokkaido Captain Hard-on of Hokkaido
      (3Yen / 2006-03-13)




Japan’s famous OCD artist is the world’s ‘most popular’

Polka-dot pooping pink batshit crazy Yayoi Kusama is the
world’s left_quoter_14x24most popularright_quoter_13x24 artist, ri-i-i-ight.

left_super long-quotebar 24x360Yayoi Kusama is named the most popular artist in the world
The Independent / 02 April 2015
Yayoi Kusama’s trademark polka-dotted sculptures and mirror installations proved a huge draw, with up to 9,000 flocking to her touring exhibition a day – making her exhibitions the most visited in the world in 2014. The Art Newspaper yesterday released its annual figures for the most visited exhibitions
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      (3Yen / 2009/04/08)
louis vuitton japan polka dots lv topless

  • A Japanese ‘Happening’ 1965 (3Yen / 2006/11/13)
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Hello or bye-bye ‘banzai’! 2015/04/04ex-zero-pilot
Dave P., 3Yen correspondent writes:

It’s really good that a lot of people are now listening to Mr. Kaname Harada. Years ago I talked with a Japanese taxi driver who was about the same age as Kaname-san. He told me that he was in the war also as a pilot. He too said that he really hated war and loved Americans and other foreigners for putting an end to it all and he hated the Japanese who didn’t want to hear him. He flew sea planes that dropped target markers for the zeros. The driver told me that he was often chased by American and British fighters and the only way he could defend himself was to fly at full speed directly down towards the ocean and then bounce off it at the last minute with the pontoons beneath his plane! O_O Then the fighters behind him would crash into the ocean. He said he knew, without a doubt, that he was dead at least 20 times or more. But he lived, and he too went through the nightmares, alcoholism, job losses etc. etc. He ended up driving a cab and said that he loved it because he could tell many people about the war and all it did to him. Some would not listen, but he said that many did.


Happy Hemorrhoid Easter eggs, from Japan of course

Japanese Easter, but with hemorrhoids, wo0t!

hemorrhoids Easter
left_long quotebar 24x260px
around seventy people attended the recent festival at Kunigami Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture… the only one that deals with hemorrhoids. Tradition states that those who washed their backsides and then ate egg offerings would be cured of hemorrhoids...more...
In Japan, There Is a Shrine for…Hemorrhoids…


Yikes! Easter Zombie Bejeebus with a cute purse died so a magical rabbit can poo chocolate eggs all over my yard!