Welcome to Monday morning Japan

This sign is advertises a “Morning Set” breakfast special of a beer or rot-gut shochu and a snack. Starting out the work week right is a breakfast set offer in Osaka, beer or chuhai (juice and shochu), with a boiled egg and shio kombu/seaweed for Y350 yen.
Now this is my kind of Monday morning!


Mocking Japan’s fraudulent new National Stadium for the 2020 Olympics

2020_stadium I decided to join the fun of all the Japanese folks mocking the fraudulent waste (3Yen 2015-05-20) of a new National Stadium for the 2020 Olympics at the twitter.com hashtag: #新国立競技場クソコラグランプ (translation: #Crappy Photoshop Grand Prix for the new National Stadium)salon-stadia_640x

I previously explained about the above Mr. “NO MORE” (no more illegal downloading of movies) at news.3yen.com | 2012-11-01: Saddest costume ever

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FÜÇK THE 2020 OLYMPICS! ┌∩┐|☢ _ゝ☢|

Is Japanese fashion ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’?



Garbage in Japan is incinerated (not placed in landfills). Before putting it out for collection you have to first separate it into many categories (R) that broadest being ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’ (details).

Looking at this years fall fashions of Comme Des Garcons Aoyama, you gotta ask:
   • Is a bored Japanese fashion model wearing full trashbags a ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’?
   • Is an embarrassed model wearing used adult diapers a ‘burnable’ or ‘non-burnable’?japanese adult diapers fashion model

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Many young Japanese think love stinks

left_super long-quotebar 24x360
Poll: 37.6% of single young Japanese don’t want romantic partners
The Asahi Shimbun | July 10, 2015
Nearly half of unattached young Japanese are not seeking romantic partners because the effort is “troublesome,” a government survey showed37.6 percent of the 761 respondents in their 20s and 30s who were not in a relationship said they do not want a romantic partner. Among them, 46.2 percent cited “troublesome” as the reason, followed by 45.1 percent who said they want to “focus on hobbies”continues
Increasingly, the typical Japanese solution to such “troublesome” romance is shown by Marica Hase (まりか) and her "hobby"–a Sybian FcukingMachine* (obviously a ÑṠFW link ). marica-hase_machine-love_x350

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Let’s toilet! The ‘Toilennale’ art festival

Toilet art festival in southern Japanese island of Kyushu starts July 17. Under the festival’s theme of “Open,” the “Oita Toilennale” will provide performances and art works in the toilets of the central district of Oita city.
Details at: toilennale.jp (Google Translate)


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A copy copied

Things have gone full circle.
The imagery of Star Wars was appropriated from Japan, and now Japanese ukiyo-e images have become: Official Star Wars ukiyo‑e

See the prints at the official Star Wars ukiyo-e website (in Japanese): makuake.com/project/starwars-ukiyoe

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‘Nice smoking’ Japan

Japan Tobacco Inc. has an alt slogan in addition to their ubiquitous “Smoking Clean” campaign…

Nice day, Nice smoking

sidebar-quote long @Huw_Griffith 4:01pm – 2015 July 15
Nice day, Nice smoking pic.twitter.com/AKUdmcz2xM


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Doraemon in chains!


When Japan’s Foreign Ministry appointed the beloved character Doraemon as an “anime ambassador” to the world in 2008 (Wiki), I doubt he was thinking that he would end up being chained in front of a shopping center in China. Doraemon volume 1 cover
I also doubt that the Japanese Foreign Ministry would have thought harmless Doraemon would become persona non grata in China since he is, on a mission to corrupt the China’s youth (theguardian.com).″

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The Tokyo subway anti-cosplay campaign?

July’s new “manner” poster on the Tokyo Metro seems to be either directed against:
   • Anti-cosplay on the trains, or
   • Prohibiting French aristocracy from using public transport

tokyo manner metro-poster-july-2015

metro manners in japanese
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