Oh no, not Noh.


left_quoter_14x24Wooden masks hang on the wall. Most resemble those used in noh plays but one is most certainly batman…‘Avatar’ series of wooden masks by Kenichi Asano.right_quoter_13x24
Spoon & Tamago | 2015/01/15: Five Sculptors: an exhibition surveying contemporary Japanese sculpture
Learn more about the exhibit at:
   • spoon-tamago.com
   • hpgrpgallery.com
   • Kenichi Asano’s website www.k-1asano.com.

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Batvan strikes fear in Japan


One hundred sizzling Japanese maids in action: ‘Good job.’

Check out the one hundred sizzling Japanese maids in action…


The cast of maids is from the Maidreamin chain headquartered in Akihabara that claims to be the “No.1″ maid café having about 500 maids in 18 cafés around the world. The choreography is provided be the “new generation” girl’s dance unit, Chu-z. The helium-infused singing is by the “idol” group amorecarina of 15 girls.

Learn how they made the commercial in the following video:


Japan’s ex-Prime Minister is a drag queen

Former Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama has always been very entertaining…especially his wife, Miyuki, who has written in her book how she has been on, left_quoter_14x24a triangular-shaped UFO and went to Venus.right_quoter_13x24 (3Yen 2009-09-03).
Japan’s ex-PM debuts as a drag queen…
          could Gordon Brown be next?
PinkNews | 16th January 2015


The Asahi News (in Japanese) reported on Thursday that:
sidebar-quote long Former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama (67) in his first transvestite stage appearance looked ‘quite similar to his wife.’

For added fun, Prime Minister Hatoyama has a kissing scene with the male president of the Japanese Red Cross Society in the musical.





The left_quoter_14x24Unidentified Flying Girl Corpsright_quoter_13x24 calling themselves AMIAYA (see right) have put out their hinky dubstep cover of Pink Lady’s J-Pop hit “UFO”*.

AMIAYA, is a Japanese music duo of the clone/twin sisters, Ami and Aya Suzuki. You can check out their dorky blog at: ameblo.jp/ami–aya.
Alternatively, you can read an insipid interview with them at: mtviggy.com/interviews/amiaya-killed-j-pop-lov-live-tokyo-pop

• Pink Lady is one of only two Japanese artists to have reached the US Billboard Top 40. Their hit single, UFO, was their highest grossing and was voted Japan’s best song of 1978 (Wiki) .


A Tokyo university lives up to its logo

A Tokyo university lives up to its limp dick logo and maybe its motto*.

taisho universityducky_schooll

The rest-of-the-story…nude-textMore


*quoter leftFEEL and GROWquoter right


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Japan invents the Segway! (again)

Honda’s UNI-CUB Is Amazing, Least-Efficient Water Delivery System Ever
jalopnik.com 2015Jan13
Honda demonstrated their UNI-CUB motorized chair-thing, which they’re using to develop the world’s least-efficient method of single water-bottle delivery. Seeing it in action, I’m very impressed...more...

The rest-of-the-story is that Segway-type devices are illegal to use in Japan on public roads* (3Yen 2006-11-14)segway2 (and sidewalks haven’t been invented yet in Japan) so all this “innovation” of copying the the failed personal transporter market is just Honda spinning their wheels in a product segment that has proven to be a loss for more than a decade.

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 i-unit ev by toyota

Coming of Age Day 2015, Japan

Today is the national holiday, Seijin-no-hi, Japan’s Coming-of-Age Day (Wiki) when anyone turning 20 years old in the year celebrates by dressing up in fancy kimono and attending boring Age of Majority ceremonies.
The newly minted adults below have decided to label their VIP car windshield “ADULT” ( 成人) misspelled.

coming-of-age-1kami~i 成人式でゴミがおった pic.twitter.com/YFTaPG76dP — かーみぃ (@CARMMY00) January 11, 2015japanese adult misspelled oops

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WTF fatwa against Kobe beef?

A beef beef — A bunch of bull ’bout beer ‘n’ beef

fatwaa-kobe-beefYoga, Petting Puppies, Halloween: Banned By Malaysia’s Muslim Clerics
NPR | 2015/01/05
Malaysia modernizes, its state-backed religious authorities are embarking on a spree of fatwas. Each is a decree based on interpretations of the Quran. The fatwas are typically seen as guidelines, but police can potentially enforce them under Malaysia’s Sharia laws
Wagyu beef — Originating in Japan, this legendarily succulent form of beef is sometimes produced by massaging cows. These lucky cows are also occasionally fed beer and therefore forbidden.

The odd thing is that it’s NATURAL for livestock to get drunk.
Back home on the ranch in the late fall, well always let the cows graze under the apple trees after harvest. The old windfall apples ferment and of my cows would get loopy on natural cider. The cows just get more mellow after foraging on boozy cider-y apples and that made for succulent beef. It’s all perfectly natural and organic way to raise livestock, and no reason to have fatwa against Kobe beef.

Japan, the land of proud toilets

sidebar-quote long
Come to Japan and see our toilets!®

TOTO, and PR at the cutting edge toilet experience space alien in Narita Airport
Nihon Keizai Shimbun 2015/1/8 (giga-goofy Google Translate from Japanese)
TOTO has announced that they will open in April, “Gallery TOTO.” state-of-the-art toilet experience at Narita International Airport. Foreigner travelers can become familiar Japanese toilets with built-in wash basin…the “Washlet” toilet with hot water bidet cleaning…This will be a gateway to welcome foreign visitors and show the company’s technical capabilities.
“Gallery TOTO” will be located on the main passageway of Terminal Building 2 and will provide a total of 10 booths for men and women…offering such hi-tech things as the latest models of toilet bowls with enhanced sterilization and deodorization functions…Multipurpose toilets.. consideration of the wheelchair people and the elderly, there is also a nursing room


Burn, baby, burn!

Japanese traditions, Dondo Yaki
burn-baby-burn A Japan Photo per Day http://t.co/agCj14ZteF pic.twitter.com/8Z4tAxXICf— Muza-chan 「ムザちゃん」 (@Muzachan) January 7, 2015

Dondo Yaki (どんど焼き) is the burning of new year decorations—sort of like a community burning of Christmas trees in a giant bonfire after the official 12 Days of Christmas. People bring last year’s lucky charms and the New Year decorations and burn them to sens off to the Kami (gods) as gifts.