The vultures gather over the Japan quake(s)

It’s still shaking here—more than 400 aftershocks since the initial quake–In fact the official name for it is the "Kumamoto Earthquakes" (Wiki).

To add to the "fun" are the a zillions scammers sending out fake spam appeals for money for the Kumamoto relief efforts, grrr.

prey-on-kumamoto Kumamon ↑ the official mascot of Kumamoto Prefecture


second-harvest It’s best to trust the established, locally-based charities such as: Second Harvest Japan, JAL’s Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Effort Miles, Japan’s Community Chest Japan, Japanese Red Cross Society

The authorities are wisely pleading for nobody to physically help. Specifically, Kumamoto Prefectural government is saying:

“The kindness of people wanting to volunteer and send goods is much appreciated, but please wait until we are ready to do so.”

In past disasters, volunteers came to help without proper transportation or lodging, and they just added to the mess.

The horror of Japanese life

Continuing tremors like the past 24 hours of the Kumamoto Earthquakes (Wiki) are a horror of Japanese life like this…


The horror of the Kumamoto Earthquake″


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‘GET SURPRISE!’ — Tokyo Shinjuku Station’s ‘mystery touch’



Japanese news report of: (Google Translate):
The ‘mystery touch’ is part of a Puré Gummy campaign being held at Shinjuku Station from April 11 to 17.

Even in relatively vandalism-free Japan, it is going to take a large support staff →
to keep the ‘mystery touch’ from getting to be too much of a “GET SURPRISE!”

Learn more about the time and exact location of the event at the official Japanese website of Puré Gummy:

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‘We use silk cloth imported from Japan’ for toilet paper


Democrats say Republicans are stiffing them on toilet paper
New York Post | 2016/04/10
[New York legislatures’] favored brand, Tork Universal’s scratchy, single-ply bath tissue, made from “100 percent recycled fibers.”
Assembly members, unlike the Senate, get as much toilet paper as they want — as long as it fits into their annual office-supply budgets of $2,750.bow-tie-for-butts
“We use silk cloth imported from Japan,” laughed Staten Island Democratic Assemblyman Matthew Titone …more…


Well, la-di-da.
Even as a joke, New York legislators should not make light of such crappy subject.


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Tomoko, the 70 year old…

Tomoko, the 70 year old tapeworm*"?

“Italia’s Got Talent” recently featured the 11th Wonder-of-the-World, Tomoko, the 70 year old pole dancer.
pole dancer tomoko age 70Click on the “CC” button to view the English captions. (The hot obaachan/granny action starts at the 2:45 point.)


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‘Eccentric’ festival of Kyoto: Luring the God of Pestilence

Thought to have begun in 1154, the festival lures the god of pestilence (疫神—Ekijin) back to his shrine with huge red parasols topped with five spring branches. It was believed the god became distracted by the sakura/cherry blossoms, and without his vigilance pestilence could run wild in the city.

Green Shinto website
Yasurai Festival (Imamiya Jinja)
directs the pestilence god known as gechinsai…and festival parades… converge at the shrine to perform rituals for the kami/gods.  The main feature is the dance of the demons.
More info…


Extreme Tokyo train seating

yamamote tokyo train crowd packing
How to get your own seat on Tokyo’s
← overcrowded trains of the Yamamote Line.


山手線 — ヨッピー (@yoppymodel) Apr. 7, 2016 Translation: The Guardian of the Yamanote Line


Prior Art*:
For many years, Mr. Cloudy Bongwater has solved the problem of finding a seat on crowded Tokyo trains. The Japanese call the “Train Hammock Gaijin/foreigner“—Read the Japanese accounts of The Mystery of “Uncle Hammock” on the train (google translate) cloudy-bongwater-sling-seat

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Hot new Japanese TV commerical featuring a foreign male chauvinist pig

Hey, did you see the new Japanese TV commerical featuring me[1] as a foreign, big-snouted, male chauvinist pig?
I’m especially proud of my big kabe-don[2] scene where the young housewife working as an abused supermarket stock clerk eats me!

Also check out the second commerial with the same “Iberian pig” (イベリコ豚) playing a foreign exercise instructor who gets eaten by a housewife.

Ok, ok, the commerical does not star me. I look much more pig-like. I have a much more pink piggy complexion, I sport a bigger snout, and I am more sparsely bristled than the Japanese actor just pretending to be a foreign pig.

Kabe-don (壁ドン)—loosely meaning, “hitting a wall”—is a “romantic” way Japanese in manga/comics proclaim their affection (and is a form of Japanese sexual harrassment). You can learn more details about kabe-don at: Manga trope appears–confuses some


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Never too much luck or money

You can never have too much luck or money … or lucky cats.


manekinekoThe Maneki Neko (literally in Japanese the “Beckoning Cat”; aka Lucky Cat, Money Cat) is a favorite Japanese figurine to bring luck, attract customers and bring prosperity. The Lucky Cat waves with its raised left paw and holds an old-style gold coin in its right paw. More info:
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Japan hits Peak Lipstick

Not an April Fool’s story…

Japan Lipstick Industry Is Projected to Reach a Significant Height in Its Market Growth as the 2016 Consumer Demands Are Evolving
…a detailed analysis of this industry on the basis of the ongoing market trends, in addition to the market drivers, demand inhibitors, resource utilization, market challenges
SBWIRE — 04/01/2016 blah, blah, blah…

traditional-japanese-makeup-1 The above photo was labled “traditional” Japanese makeup, ha, ha.
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