Why don’t young people in Japan like traditional New Year’s food poisoning?

Why don’t young people in Japan like eating traditional New Year’s dishes?
Japan Today | Dec. 03, 2014
in Tokyo, for New Year’s, my host family and I ate a traditional osechi meal. Served in a multi-layered box, almost each of the dozen or so dishes had some sort of auspicious meaning behind it More and more young people born and raised in Japan are deciding they can do without osechi at New Year’s, and they’ve actually got some pretty sound reasons whymore..

“Why?”…Maybe ’cause it’s stone cold, three day old food that hasn’t been refrigerated, sheesh.



Yummy-looking, New Year’s osechi like the above ought to be enough to make said-openyoung people in Japan like eating traditional New Year’s dishes,said-closed NOT.

Osechi-ryori (御節料理 or お節料理) is a tradition started in the Heian Period (794-1185), and at times it tastes a millennium old. wikipedia.org/wiki/Osechi

Beware of the holiday rush of horny riders on the Tokyo Metro!

tokyo metro manners
The Tokyo Metro manners poster for December warns of the holiday rush of horny reindeer and rhino salarymen.

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Japan’s failed Saint is still looking good

Holy-moly! Japan’s OG—Original Gaijin—Saint Francis Xavier is looking great for being almost 500 years old on his Saint’s Day December 2 (he died on December 2, 1552).


Saint Frankie X is perhaps Japan’s most venerated foreign failure.
That is, the percentage of Christians in Japan has remained at around one per cent every since 1549, when Francis Xavier arrived as a missionary (he left by December 1551 with his tail between his legs without having mastered what he called the “Devil’s Tongue,” Japanese).

Quotes about Saint Francis Xavier’s failures in Japan are in the Comments Section below.

Have a burger ‘Berry Kristmush’ from the King of Nippon

Blueberry burgers for Christmas?
Sometimes I have to wonder if Burger King Japan is just trolling us with weird stuff*.


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EXCLUSIVE: First still photo from Japan’s Star Wars Episode 7!

Hey, has anyone seen the new Star Wars trailer yet?
The still below from the movie looks gr-r-r-reat, doesn’t it?

スター・ウォーズ エピソード7

pic.twitter.com/nDKDJ7moqP — パトリック・マシアス (@Patrick_Macias) November 28, 2014


Ok, ok, that still is from Japan’s film version of Star Wars, the film “Message from Space” (Wiki) and its TV spinoff “Message from Space: Galactic Wars (宇宙からのメッセージ 銀河大戦 Uchū kara no Messēji: Ginga Taisen).”
Specifically, its a still from episode 3, “Earth Beautiful Messenger,” that aired on TV Asahi (Toei) July 22, 1978 (Sat.) 19:30 ~.

Episode 3’s plot according to the thoroughly demented, goofy Google Translate is…
left_long quotebar 24x260px
When the dragon and balloon is a combat training in space
One aircraft of spacecraft I crash to theta attacked from Gabarasu
Planet theta is the hometown of the Ape Man Ballou
Machine was riding women members Mass in reconnaissance spacecraft from Earth
The purpose of the Mass, the determination of the Earth Federation Supreme Council to father-Gen of Hayato was intelligence personnel
“Earth is not dispatched troops to intercept Gabanasu” It was mission is to inform the Hayato to us will be disappointed whether Abandoned Even though immigrants from the earth, and Suddenly, disappear Ron hair of Sofia appeared in encouragement and “Do not give up” in Brown
Oh …! What are things of that. . ! ! Planet reconnaissance personnel Mass kun, was kidnapped word Woman ninja Kunoi approach to kill the garbled Liu us to Mass in the “ninja-face steal”
However, Hayato is rescued the Mass real, I break the Gabanasu Ninja Corps

Japan’s Santa-san or Santa Kurosu is No.1!

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.12.35 PM
is №1/Ichiban in the whole world!


Japanese man crowned World’s Best Santa at 2014 Santa Winter Games
RocketNews24 | 2014/11/28
In the mining town of Gällivare, located in the Swedish section of Lapland…[contestants gathered] to determine who was the World’s Best Santa
Japan’s very own Kohei Yamashita who emerged victorious bringing his nation its first ever World’s Best Santa title....more

Why a skinny, 35 year old, unemployed, Japanese guy is the said-openWorld’s Best Santa,said-closed is beyond me, but it’s interesting, ain’t it?

In Japan Santa sleeps with the fishes

In Japan Santa sleeps with the fishes…

            …and it’s ok.



What’s more, Santa’s Christmas tree can get a little wet

            …and its lighting might be a bit fishy.


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​Honda’s 300 millionth motorcycle ain’t the one I want

​Honda’s 300 Millionth Bike Couldn’t Be More Different From Its First
jalopnik.com | 2014 Nov. 24
…blah, blah, blah…
the first Honda—the “Dream Type-D”

​Honda’s 300 millionth motorcycle—900-pound, 1,832cc behemoth Goldwing (R) with Phone connectivity—is not the one I want.

Just give me the first Honda—the “Dream Type-D“—with a modern, robust-but-detuned, 125-to-250cc engine at a super low 1950s price, damn it!

All anyone should want is a Dream Type-D: retro-styled, pinstriped with a slightly more powerful engine, a high-grade but stamped, power-coated steel frame, state-of-art shocks, modern tires, disk brakes and have it last forever (like the Honda Cubs of old).