T-shirt truth-in-advertising


Skinny Japanese girl’s T-shirt:


  September 24, 2018


That skinny Japanese girl was wearing a “Minimal Form” T-shirt from the Euro brand ZARA…No Engrish involved.

Somehow similarly…
I once took hyper-skinny Japanese sisters on vacation to the Grand Tetons and convinced them to wear The T-shirt.


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Manners, meh…There’re overrated.

Japanese manners, meh. There’re wa-a-a-y overrated*.


Ok, ok, Japanese do form proper lines when they queue up for the trains.
But when they move onto the trains, it’s all asses-and-elbows akimbo in an amazing, unmovable pile of people pick-up-sticks—as alluded to in this Tokyo Metro manners poster.

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Kumamon’s corporate crisis

At the end of Kumamon’s disastrous corporate board meeting…
…and all he wanted to do was hide until the start of the upcoming holiday weekend — 3-days of countryside farting around.


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Kumamon’s vacation is a blast

At his first chance, Kumamon, Japan’s cheekiest mascot “crop dusts” the countryside during his Silver Week (Japan’s vacation period of two, consecutive, 3-day holidays).

kumamon-fart-closeup His Supreme Fatulence, Kumamon, declareth:
‵‵Bear!!〜☆ I’m going to be fine today!′′


おはくま〜☆!今日も元気にいってくまーす!kumamon-face — くまモン【公式】 (@55_kumamon) September 18, 2018


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Is there a rest home for retired Japanese mascots?

Hmmm, I wonder if there is a rest home for retired Japanese mascots?

“BANNYAI” the mascot retires
New DIE CITY Kitty!!~
mainichi.jp :
The Rainbow Tower has been closed since 2011 due to the Great East Japan Earthquake. An investigation of the tower’s earthquake resistance found the base to be insufficientmainichi.jp…

‘Know Drugs’ mascot

The 3Yen’s friend-in-the-real-world of over on Mondo Mascots writes about…


Yokohama City’s drug abuse prevention mascot is Noodora-kun, a syringe with a knot in its needle. No drug, know drug!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 16.48.09

What he fails to mention is that like most major mascots in Japan, Noodora-kun (Mr. Nodrug) has a companion mascot, Knowdrugs-chan. (L).
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Domo-kun Ver. 2.0?

This is the twentieth birthday of the NHK TV character Domo-kun and there’s speculation here in Japan about:
‵‵Whatever happened to Domo-kun, the furry brown monster with the jagged maw?′′

Could Domo-kun at 20 mean 2.0?
japantimes.co.jp | 2018/09/13
Domo-kun has been largely absent from social media. Today’s mascots, on the other hand, use everything at their disposal to win you over it isn’t so much that Domo-kun has disappeared; it’s more that the mascot field he helped push into popularity has become more crowded.


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Oops / Poops

‵‵Please carry away the toilet paper to the
restroom without putting it in the garbage can.

Recently spotted oops-engrish at an upscale Tokyo hotel.



Rude hoards of loud, littering, misbehaved Chinese tourists are the bane of the residents living/commuting/working near the major tourist areas of Tokyo and Kyoto. Typically mainland Chinese tourists are viewed as “pollution” by residents here, both Japanese and foreign (even by fellow “Chinese” from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc.).

Specially, the strange signage about taking, ‵‵away the toilet paper to the restroom without putting it in the garbage can,′′ is caused by the puny plumbing in China (and other Asian countries) that cannot handle flushing toilet paper.
Chinese household sewer pipes are 50mm or less (2 in.) in diameter. Western plumbing is twice as large in diameter at 100mm (4 in.) or larger. In China there will be a basket by the side of the toilet for throw paper, yuck.

Translated from Japanese by Microsoft:
Don’t be surprised! This is the language level of a not-at-all-cheap hotel in the middle of Tokyo in 2018. Luckily I was able to poop and use the restroom correctly because I could read it in Japanese instead of English. Probably.

Japanese enema mascot sayeth: ‘No, no, no.’

enema mascot sayeth, No, no, no
Just say “No” to pink poo.

Pink poo is typically caused by undigested dyes and additives — such as with Oreo Peeps, it’s the food dye called FD&C Red Number 3.

Bellicose biplanes of Best Korea

AN-2-biplane-graphicNorth Korea showed off a massive force of Soviet-era biplanes——Their fearful flying fleet of old An-2 “Colts” were on display at today’s 9/9 military parade.


NK NEWS @nknewsorg
North Korea’s 9/9 Foundation Day military parade in Pyongyang this morning.


Photos by @chadocl


The Rest-of-the-Story…

According to thedrive.com the ancient An-2 biplanes are a clever strategy to fly super low over the ground at slow garbage-truck like speed, penetrating deep into South Korean on one-way, suicide mission to deliver their hardest shock troops deep behind enemy lines. It is thought that North Korea has more than 300 of these lumbering, flying trucks to could overwhelm South Korean air defenses with their shear numbers coming in at tree-top level—basically invisible/undetectable.

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