Hentai Manga Gears Up For World Exposure

manga girl
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Hentai Manga Gears Up for World Exposure

….Toshio Maeda’s work, whether it be manga comics or anime (animation), is classified in the genre known as hentai, meaning perverted. Though there is a certain level of perversion in nearly all forms of manga, whether the genre be sports, history, literature, or romance, in hentai, perversion is the point. Storylines are at best secondary, or, perhaps more realistically, tertiary.

Japan Movie Fund Starting Strong

Yahoo! News – Japan pic fund starting strong
(Variety) — TOKYO — Japan’s first film fund for private investors was off to a strong start Tuesday, when shares in the 1.5 billion yen ($14.4 million) Shochiku production “Shinobi” (Heart Under Blade) went on sale through three securities firms.
“As expected, we’re enjoying very strong demand,” said Morito Ito, general manager….

Japan’s Fuji Photo is building a new super-duper research center:

Yahoo! News – Japan’s Fuji Photo to build world-class research center: report
The world’s number two film-maker Fuji Photo Film will invest roughly 46 billion yen (446.6 million dollars) to build a world-class basic technology research center in Japan……

Japanese game makers mine the past

telstar game
Asahi.com : Video game makers rely on oldies as new titles flop

Video game software developers are struggling to survive in a shrinking domestic market. They’ve been hurt by a lack of success with new titles, and are relying instead on sales of updated versions of well-known titles…..

New merit-based pay systems strike terror in the hearts of Salarymen

EDITORIAL: Employee evaluations
Subject executives to the merit-based pay system.

…When the Japanese economy kept growing vigorously year after year, the seniority system of automatic pay increases was the norm in Japan…However, as the Japanese economy has entered an era of slow growth or even contraction, many companies now cannot afford to keep paying handsome salaries to all their senior workers…. quite a few companies that have used the new pay system to give raw deals to young employees while providing generous compensation for sections with big in-house clout….

Fugitive ex-president and fake Japanese citizen, Fujimori wins in Peruvian poll

ex-president FujimoriPeru’s ex-president Fujimori leads in poll
LIMA, Peru (AP) — He may be a fugitive with nearly two dozen criminal charges facing him, but former President Alberto Fujimori is still Peru’s most popular politician, according to a survey released Tuesday…..Fujimori, who is fighting extradition from Japan, hopes to make a political comeback despite his fugitive status on nearly 20 criminal charges against him, ranging from embezzlement to authorizing death squads….

Where the rubber meets the (virtual) road

Gran Turismo 4, Mini Cooper in Japan
Fool.com: Where the Rubber Meets the (Virtual) Road [Commentary] November 30, 2004
…..we’d have up to four brand new street race [games] for this holiday season, on top of Sony’s (NYSE: SNE) grand simulator Gran Turismo 4….there is now room for all five games to have their own varying degrees of success….Namco released Street Racing Syndicate in September. While that game was fun, it got played out in about four days, and gamers were ready for another title…..

Electronics Exporters to EU scratch their heads about “RoHS”

Electronics exporters to EU stare at a RoHS block
Ever heard of RoHS? Well, those exporting or planning to export electronic items to the European Union had better….
[RoHS stands for restrictions of the use of hazardous substances]
…Products sold from then on in the EU will not be allowed to contain more than 0.1 per cent lead, mercury, chromium VI, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers and 0.01 per cent cadmium….. countries exporting electronics and IT hardware products to the EU will also have their products rejected, if they do not comply with the standards. As the leading electronics component manufacturer, Japan has already started modifying its processes to manufacture lead-free products….

It’s Karate, Kid The Musical

It’s Karate, Kid the Musical
It’s KARATE, KID! The Musical is an outrageous and unconventional riff on the beloved 80s film. Under the manicured guiding hand of a mystical
maintenance man, Daniel-San Larusso wages war against pill-popping, white trash deviants; well-styled, bloodthirsty karate students; rampaging hormones and many more unsavory things….
Karate, Kid the Musical

Heir to the throne, Japanese Princess Aiko birthday

Yahoo! News – World Photos – Reuters
Aiko, the only child of Japan’s imperial heir Crown Prince Naruhito and his wife, Masako, will turn three on December 1…