Japanese have grown taller but weaker


Good living is changing the shape of men and women %u2013 and not for the better.
Over the past half century or so people have soared in height, which might be seen as a healthy trend.
The bad news is that they have also got rounder, flabbier and weaker. ….
…Improved nutrition and other trappings of affluence are clearly one factor driving up growth rates, as Japan has well demonstrated. After the second world war, Japan underwent a period of rapid socio-economic development. Consequently the average 17-year-old Japanese boy was 5cm taller in 1980 than he was in 1948….

Chimera Car: the Peugeot-Toyota-Citroen

Chimera  Car

French carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroen unveiled Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2004,
the styling of three compact cars developed jointly with Japan’s Toyota. From left are the Peugeot 107, Toyota Aygo, and Citroen C1. The three cars share a common platform and will be built in Kolin, Czech Republic….

Japanese robot to stimulate the brains elderly

Japanese robot to chat lonely elderly out of senility
TOKYO (AFP) – Japan’s growing elderly population from will be able to buy companionship …Snuggling Ifbot, who is dressed in an astronaut suit with a glowing face, has the conversation ability of a five-year-old, the language level needed to stimulate the brains of senior citizens….

Japan’s police state toughens penal code

police state
Crime leads Japan to toughen penal code for first time in century
TOKYO (AFP) – Alarmed by a rise in violent crime, Japan’s parliament has increaded penalties for felonies in the first major revision of the penal code in nearly a century. The upper House of Councillors approved the bill which raises the maximum prison sentence other than life to 30 years from 20 years….

Convicted deserter Charles Jenkins to start new life on Sado Island

Jenkins to leave for Sado Island with family
Former U.S. sergeant Charles Robert Jenkins will leave Camp Zama in Kanagawa Prefecture for Sado Island in the Sea of Japan on Friday to begin a new life there with his wife and two daughters, government officials said Wednesday.
Jenkins, 64, was released from detention at the U.S. Navy Yokosuka Naval Base after being found guilty on Nov. 27 of deserting North Korea…

Near worst in the world, Japan struggle to inprove English education

POINT OF VIEW/ Japan needs to improve its English strategy
the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology announced its top-level “action plan for producing English-speaking Japanese” to tackle language curricula before their weaknesses give rise to any lasting effects. However, if this “eye-on-the-future” plan is to succeed in reality, we need to determine to make sure the reforms are carried through.
China, South Korea, Taiwan and Europe have made remarkable progress in their English abilities. But in Japan, TOEFL scores continue their 30-year slump….

Solar Cell Doubles as Battery

Solar cell doubles as battery
Scientists from Toin University of Yokohama in Japan have designed a single, compact device that can both convert solar energy to electricity and store the electricity. “We succeeded in incorporating both photovoltaic and storage functions in a single cell with a thin, sandwich-type structure,” said Tsutomu Miyasaka, a researcher at the University. …

The real Tokyo — photos

easterwood.org Tokyo
See the “real” Tokyo here at the easterwood.org gallery.
old fart

Japan To Host Kuwait Or NK In Qualifier

Japan to host Kuwait or NK in qualifier
Japan will kick off their final-round qualifying campaign for the 2006 World Cup finals with a match at home to Kuwait or North Korea on Feb 9 next year

Asia Can Defend Itself

Asia Can Defend Itself
Asian cooperation depends on Japan’s willingness to work with other Asian economies to confront the US. Most market observers would find such a proposition laughable. Japan has shown its willingness to comply with every US wish in the past few years. Asian economies have registered low in Japan’s policy considerations. However, yen appreciation may well push Japan back into deflation. Shouldn’t Japan be scared of such a prospect?