Three Die In Murder-suicide Over Boy’s Dermatitis

Man, 2 children die in murder-suicide over boy’s atopy
OSAKA —A 30-year-old office worker, his 4-year-old son and just-born baby girl died and the children’s 29-year-old mother was left unconscious Wednesday in an apparent suicide pact over atopic dermatitis suffered by the boy…

“Howl’s Moving Castle” ready to conquer the world

Howl's Moving CastleYahoo! Oscar-winning animator’s new film wows Japan, readies to take on world
TOKYO (AFP) – Animated fantasy “Howl’s Moving Castle”, which broke a box office record on its debut in Japan, will be released in 50 countries amid hopes it will be a global blockbuster…

‘Tokyo is like Blade Runner, without the flying cars’

Tokyo garbage truck ninja
Dr Tue – 11.30.2004 Take a walk (and a beer) down Memory Lane
When I am taking visitors out and they start on the whole tired of “Tokyo is like Blade Runner, without the flying cars” thing, I usually just nod and take them to Shinjuku Nishiguchi…..
….It’s impossible not to experience at least some level of self-sufficient ‘I-bet-they-don’t-mention-this-in-lonely-planet’ pride when you walk through that uber-authentic remnant of post-war Tokyo, trying to catch your breath amidst the carcinogenic fumes of kushiyaki barbecues and slaloming between drunk salarymen and people sitting at the street-side stalls in an alley that is barely big enough to walk with your arms outstretched…..

Poison mushroom brain fever kills two more

Mushroom-related brain fever kills 2

Two people died in November of an acute brain fever in Akita Prefecture after eating wild mushrooms known as angel’s wings, the latest in a series of similar deaths throughout the nation, prefectural officials announced Monday…
…So far, eight people have died in the prefecture from the mysterious disease, which has killed 19 people nationwide.

shrooms japan
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Gov’t To Study Female Ascension To Japan’s Throne:

Gov’t to study female ascension to throne: paper
The government has begun studying the feasibility of allowing a woman to ascend to the Chrysanthemum throne as no male heirs have been born into the imperial family in almost 40 years…
… imperial household law, which currently mandates that only male heirs can ascend the throne… [the government is] judging that amending the Constitution would not be necessary…

SLIMMING DOWN THE HYPE in Japanese diet ads

SLIMMING DOWN THE HYPE: Ministry moves to ban false ads for miracle dietary supplements
….In one ad, the powdered supplement was dropped into a glass of water containing olive oil. Then, oily clumps formed and sank, implying similar results occur in the stomach.
“Even if you eat anything, as much as you want,” another said, “fats will be expelled.”….
…Researchers found 90 percent or more of consumed fats and carbohydrates were absorbed by the rats’ bodies-in all 10 groups. “We can surmise that the same thing takes place in the human body,” said Kazuhiko Yamada, manager of the institute’s Applied Food Research Division….

Japan: “To produce well is to live well.”

Manufacturing still our lifeblood

….encouraging is the revival of manufacturing. With the economy on the mend, this is a good time to reaffirm the importance of making goods. “To produce well is to live well,” as the saying goes. Indeed, Japan’s economic prosperity depends on its ability to produce and export quality products. That ability needs to be refined if manufacturing is to continue to serve as the main engine of economic growth.
Japan has given priority to export-oriented manufacturing since the Meiji Era (1868-1912)….

Japan’s Parliament Approves Bill To Let Japanese Companies Sue U.S. Companies In Dumping Disputes

Japan’s Parliament approves bill to let Japanese companies sue U.S. companies in dumping disputes
Japan’s measure allows Japanese businesses to retaliate against U.S. companies that gain from U.S. government duties imposed on Japanese products allegedly dumped —or sold at below-market prices— in the United States