Japanese “Brain Cloud”

Wichita Eagle | 11/30/2004 | A ‘puff of smoke’
….Johnson, now 38, got lucky. The image showed that his right internal carotid artery was small and got progressively narrower, ending in what looked like a cloud or puff of smoke.
Richard Berger, chief of interventional neuroradiology at Wesley, had seen that puff of smoke before, as part of his fellowship at Mayo Clinic, and knew that it was an indication of moyamoya disease.
Moyamoya is a rare, progressive disorder that affects about 1 in 2 million people in the United States. It was first described in the 1960s in Japan, where it affects about 1 in 1 million people.
Moyamoya means puff of smoke or cloud of smoke and describes the appearance of the tiny, fragile blood vessels that the body forms in an effort to continue supplying blood to the brain.
“It has a really unusual and unique appearance” in imaging tests, Berger says. “It’s a very rare disease. Fortunately, if it’s caught and identified,” it can be treated……

Japanese file sharer gets suspended sentence

‘Winny’ file-sharing user gets suspended prison sentenceMainichi Interactive -Nov 30
KYOTO — A man accused of using the Japanese file-sharing software “Winny” to release movies over the Internet without permission from the copyright holder was handed a suspended prison sentence on Tuesday… the Kyoto District Court sentenced him to one year’s imprisonment, suspended for three years.

AUM secretly using facilities for their cult

AUM suspects arrested for setting up secret facility Mainichi Interactive
Three people connected to the AUM Shinrikyo cult have been arrested on suspicion of renting an apartment and secretly using it as a cult facility, police said….
….the three made a contract at a real estate firm in Yokohama’s Naka-ku to rent an apartment, but hid the fact that they were going to use it as a cult facility. Using the apartment, they allegedly made illegal profits for the cult.

Japan pushes for Security Council seat

Wired News
….This [Security Council] proposal [for new seats] is supported by countries which have little chance for permanent membership and oppose leading contenders….
….Any change of the council membership needs approval from two-thirds of the 191-member General Assembly and no veto from the council’s permanent members.
Britain, France and Russia have indicated their support of Germany, Brazil, India and Japan. China has doubts about Japan, which pays nearly as much in dues as the United States.
The Bush administration has pointedly refrained from supporting Germany, which opposed the Iraq war, speaking only of support for Japan…..

Koizumi’s Aide Linked to Crime Syndicate

Investigative reporters left in the lurchFCCJ : The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan by Benjamin Fulford
Friday magazine came to me with photographic evidence showing that Kiyoshi Takeuchi, the man who ran Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi’s election committee for decades, was a member of the Inagawa crime syndicate. They wanted the photographs held for safe keeping.
Friday has a brave team of reporters who have risked their lives to demonstrate, with evidence that would stand up in court, links between Japan’s current Prime Minister and a yakuza crime syndicate.
Unfortunately, the magazine has been under such pressure that they have finally given up trying to report this issue further…..

Two Japanese face tough trial in China For Drug Smuggling – Japan’s Leading International News Network

Japan Today – News – 2 Japanese men go on trial in China for drug smuggling
Teruo Takeda, 61, from Nagoya and a 38-year-old man from Osaka appeared in court in Dalian for what was expected to be a one-day hearing, with sentencing to follow.

They have been charged with smuggling the stimulant “ice,” a kind of amphetamine.

Japan’s high suicide rate mystifies the rest of the world

IOL: World
…..Japan has the highest suicide rate in the industrialised world, a phenomenon often linked to the lack of cultural taboo about suicide but reluctance to discuss it openly.
Suicide rates have picked up since the economy began to slump in the 1990s, as the once unthinkable idea of economic insecurity has taken hold. Japan registered a record high of 34 427 suicides in 2003……

Bilateral ties bug Japan

Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met in Vientiane on Tuesday to discuss bilateral ties, which have been warming up on the economic front but cooling off on the political front, as well as the issue of North Korea…..
With China mentioning signs of improvement in their relations, the focus will be on whether Koizumi and Wen can narrow the gap over a long-running dispute on sensitive historical issues, which has been exacerbated by the Japanese leader’s repeated visits to the war-related Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.

New photocatalyst to clean the environment

Photocatalyst may be stone that kills 2 birds Daily Yomiuri On-Line
….a researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, said heteropoly acid might be able to negate the harmful effects of organic fluorine compounds on humans and the environment, and put an end to a fluorite shortage.
Hori, lead researcher of the institute’s Potential Pollutants Group, recently announced his success at disintegrating perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)–one of the most difficult chemical compounds to dissolve–by using heteropoly acid as a photocatalyst…..

Japan pushing for more whaling and repeal of the whaling ban

Yahoo! News – Whaling Commission debates possible repeal of whaling ban
….Sweden called the meeting in an attempt to negotiate a compromise between pro-whaling nations like Iceland, Japan and Norway, which are determined to lift a 1986 IWC moratorium on commercial whaling, and countries that staunchly oppose the practice like Australia and Britain…..